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[Artist] Daktubalan


Aspiring Commoner
Minecraft Username Name: Daktubalan
Date Joined (approximate if exact date is not known): July 13, 2013
Age: 16
Country: United States
Are you regularly in Teamspeak? (This does not include the afk channel or Lobby): Yes
Do you regularly speak in Teamspeak? (this does not include text communication): Yes
What else can you bring to the table?: Me and Rwyland do jobs together often and when people join in on the job, I am the only commoner on the job and Rwyland trusts me with my building and he is pleased when I have completed. I am easy person that you can rely on. Things you should know about me though is that I am probably one of the easiest people to work with, and Im always Respectful to one another and never fight, argue, or bicker. Just there to be a great helping hand.
Why do you want to be an Artist?: Just to be a helpful hand to the community and building of the server, and be useful when applied and also needed.
Theme Build (s) participated in: Forranest, Barad Nimras, The Tower of Ecthelion (Not Completed), I did some builds on the side that turned out great! So they are also in the album slide too.
Imgur or Minus album for builds: http://imgur.com/a/WKIpO
What is your preferred build style?: I prefer the Gondor style building, but I am good at anything I take time to look at and learn the style and then use it in the field of building.

Enjoy :)