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Accepted [ARTIST] iDwarf

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Builds Diagonally
Minecraft Username Name: iDwarf
Date Joined (aproximate if exact date is not known): 7/22/11
Age: 17
Country: The United States of America
Are you reguarly in Teamspeak? (This does not include the afk channel or Lobby): Yes. depends on the day
Do you reguarly speak in Teamspeak? (this does not include text communication): Yes
What else can you bring to the table?: I speak Latin and a little bit of German. I'm an awesome baker/chef and I make a mean cupcake. I can say my ABC's forwards AND backwards (crazy, right?). I composed two pieces of music when I was 11. I can also stand one one leg for hours at a time like a flamingo, as well as countless other things. I easily adapt to styles and have no problem coming up with one on my own. I'm a very detailed person when it comes to building. I can build just about anything if I'm put to the task. I'm also good with terrain (tools or by hand) and now how to make it natural from countless hill building/river shaping/de-deserting jobs
Why do you want to be an Artist or Ranger?: I like building and want to help out more with the server now that I'm back and able to do so.
Theme Build (s) participated in: (OLD THEMED BUILDS) Roman buildings, first Gondor themed build, sort of the Weathertop one (I didn't finish it), House of Stewards, Balrog (didn't finish, just framework), Lake Town, Barad Nimros, Forannest
Themed Build Imgur or Minus album: http://thedwarvesranoffwithmyusername.imgur.com/
What is your preferred build style?: I love building everything. I don't have a preferred style
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