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Accepted [Artist] oth0116

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Minecraft Username Name: oth0116
Date Joined: Early summer 2013
Age: 17
Country: Sweden
Are you regularly in Teamspeak? No
Do you regularly speak in Teamspeak? When I'm on.
What else can you bring to the table?: A great enthusiasm about creating ME aswell as bringing a positive attitude that hopefully rub off the other members.
Why do you want to be an Artist?: Since I first joined, I've always wanted to help out alot more than I could do as a commoner/thrall and by becoming an artist I will hopefully be able to help out the server more than I already do.
Theme Build (s) participated in:
Barad Nimras
Durin's Tower
Beorns House
Troll Cave
Chamber of Thror
Bag End
House of the Stewards
House of Healing
Great House
Old Guesthouse
And more....
Imgur or Minus album for builds: http://oth0116.imgur.com/
What is your preferred build style?:
Gondorian/Rohan-ish, more of a "human" style but I love to do elvish aswell.
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