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Artist promotions/demotions


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Promotions september 12th 2015

No Demotee's this week
Demotions occur when you are inactive for a long period of time without give prior notice. Or when there are issues regarding your behavior. If there is any issue regarding your demotion or you find it unjust then please pm @Finrod_Amandil on the forums.

Watchlist is for people who show potential. It basically means we want to see more of your builds and/or want to see you improve on some points but you have the potential to become an Artist. If your on the watch list feel free to contact me or any of the Designers to ask for tips or show your builds.

@Will_em & @Emilio_ are your people to go to when you are on the watch list/or not and you want feedback on your builds! Don't expect an instant reply and contact them trough a pm on the forum will yield the best result!


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I have a potential yay :D I must do my best next friday :) What i have to do to increase posibility of promotion :) ?


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I was on tye watchlist before the forum crashed, I guess I'm not on anymore because I didn't re-appl since ?