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Artist promotions / demotions


In this thread I (hopefully) weekly inform and update on Artist promotions and demotions. From outside it may look like not much has changed, but behind the scenes we have an entirely new system now, thus please read how to become Artist from now on below. In the not-so-far future we will also do some changes that shall make it possible to catch building possibilities on the main map more often and easier than now. On one hand this is a new plugin that is currently being developped that will allow the creation of house freebuilds (and similar) on-site instead of in plotworld, on the other hand, we plan on organizing the jobs better so that it is more predictable when they take place.

How to get promoted

To kick off your way towards Artist you need to have at least participated in one so-called Themed Build. Participating in a Themed Build means that you claim a plot in the Themed Build world and build your interpretation of a specific topic that is announced weekly in the >>Themed Builds forum<<.

After that you are ready to set up your Artist application. For that, create a new thread in the >>Artist Application Forum<< (there are more applications there beside yours, but you can only see your own) . The title of the thread needs to be your minecraft username. How you design your application is up to you, but an application with an appealing formatting and content that shows that you are really interested in gaining the rank will make a promotion already more likely!
In the app you should include the following things / information:
  • Date you joined the server (If you cant remember you can aswell simply write something like "early july 2016")
  • Jobs and similar things that you participated in on the MCME server.
  • One or multiple Screenshots of builds you made. At least one Themed Build has to be documented with pictures and posted here, beside that you can also upload other builds of yours from singleplayer worlds or other servers. Always leave a short explanation what the build is and whether its entirely your work or a teambuild.
    To upload the images you can either use the >>MCME Media section<< or an external image hoster like >>imgur.com<<.
  • Your interests: What style(s) do you like building the most (elven, gondorian, rohirric, dwarven, terrain, castles, underground structures...), also what you like building beside LotR related things.
  • Your motivation: Why do you apply for Artist? Tell us what MCME means to you, what projects you're keen on helping on...
The Artist application will be reviewed by a Designer or at least once a week (saturday or sunday usually) by the Head Designer @Finrod_Amandil. You will receive tips on how you can still improve the builds you posted. After that you may go back to your last Themed Build and apply the tips given, or/and start a new Themed Build and post that one. If you update your application with new screenshots, always add a new post in your thread so that we can see that something has changed.

Eventually you might see a blue "Watchlist" tag in your application title. This means that you are already very close to getting promoted and that you're in the closer focus of those reviewing your application.

If you get promoted you will be notified of course.

You can already check out the >>Artist Manual<<, which informs about all the important thing of this rank.

Recent promotions to Artist
November 7th:
  • none

Applicants on the Watchlist are already very close to getting Artist! If you are on this list it means we want you to show us the best you can build and we want to see you as active as possible on jobs and on the server generally!

Recent demotions
If you are inactive for a longer time you will get messaged and if you can't reason your inactivity, or you need to admit that your interest in the rank has ceased you might get demoted.
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