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Canceled Artist

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Starting Adventurer
Hello, my name is Ivo Casant I'm from The Netherlands and I'm 17 years old.

Why do I want to do this job application? Because I've seen a video made by Keralis and he walked true almost the whole Lord Of The Rings map with some of the staff. And it revealt the greatness inside of that server it is GI-GAN-TIC! Me and my family watched the whole video and we were so satisfied about the architect the structures and the detail and everything around it. It such a beautifull thing to see what I saw with my own eyes from a movie Sci-Fi, to a real minecraft server detailed into the very bit. It would be just such a huge honor to be a part of this huge project (that is still going). I would like to see it grow even more and I would help with that the best I can!

With kind regards,

Ivo Casant

In-game name: IvoCa


Media Team
Hey IvoCa. I should still welcome you to this server actually: welcome to MCME, because you joined today. I think the artist rank needs some explanation first. Artists do most of the building on the server. Needless to say they need to go through some kind of application system that ensures that the building on the server remains up to standard. That's why our artist application system requires quite an extensive portfolio, which should contain a theme-build (type /theme ingame) and can contain other builds not from MCME that you've built by yourself. I suggest you to take a look at other applications as examples.

But before applying for this rank, you need to have built up a certain trust level and proved that you're not just a server hopper (server hoppers are fine, just not very suitable for building ranks). So that's why it's almost a requirement before you apply for artist/guide that you have the commoner rank on the server. For acquiring the commoner rank, you need to have been active on the server for at least about two weeks, and need to have participated in several jobs. Having done a theme-build is a good idea as well. Most importantly you need to have acted helpful. After that, people with ranks will start voting for you.
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