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Cancelled au revoir


Hardcore MCME-er
"What? Fire?? You too?!?"

Yeah ya know, with all these goodbye threads I thought to myself why not add another one? The enforcers are just being too fast and slow at the same time, so instead of waiting around I wanted to just let everyone know that I am leaving to go get some food... on the "other side" of campus.


PS be back in a few hours.

Help me get more likes than ooitsbirdo or Eaglz24 !


Hardcore MCME-er
Update: I am back from food, but this is goodbye because I am heading to the beach for a bit.

Yeah a shitty one I am glad that we can joke about all of this, good memes that attack other members of the community and cross the line get you banned

"moving forward we can improve... individual actions to avoid another drama event like this"

It was too easy and also not at all what I was talking about within the context of said "quote" ;)


By making a bad meme ur not making the meme less memingfull (see what I did there, that was shite like what u tried)