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Available commands for Adventurers Old 3


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Great guide gadget.

Some commands you could add:

job commands:
/job check
See the names of running jobs
/job join <jobname>
Join a running job

resources commands:
/get logs
Get six sides wood logs

For the /warp pcreate command please add this instruction:
The name of the private warp should be in the format zzz-<Playername>-<Placename>.
For example zzz-gadget271-coolPlace. Note: added to original post
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not just /get logs, there are lots of other useful things to /get (e.g. lit furnaces, half doors)


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Theres a flaw in the warp creation section:
The warpname is of format "zzz-playername-warpname" so e.g. "zzz-gagdet271-cool place", this yields the commands:

/warp pcreate zzz-playername-warpname
/warp invite player2 zzz-playername-warpname
/warp delete zzz-playername-warpname

Usually you dont need to spell out the entire command name including the zz and playername, given that the warpname part is uniquely identifiable, also /warp warpname instead of /warp zzz-playername-warpname works.