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Starting Adventurer
  • Date Mid-July 2016.
  • Jobs Worked on the Belfafa Streams.
  • Theme Build: Other Projects:
  • Your interests: Washing my dog. Dwarven housing units, Architectural Engineering, Civil Engineering. Rhoridon Structural Building. I also do Landscaping and Terraforming work. Others include Fantasy projects, and Medieval kingdoms.
  • Your motivation: Im mostly wishing to do city planning and main housing units and designs. Grunt work is fine on my end, I can tolerate a substantle amount of breakdowns and work for hours on end. My main wish to join is to be able to have a large permanent project to work on constantly and to come on when I wish to, to relax and build.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thank you for your application!
Wow, your other projects are truly stunning, both in size and amount of details! Are those Singleplayer builds or team projects? Fantasy-styled builds definitely seem to be something you're excelling at, what I think you have to get used to now is controversially how to build realistic buildings. Middle-earth might be a fictional continent, but to make it feel "credible" as much as possible of it has to follow realistic patterns, e.g. some fundamental physics, and that's where I get to your Prancing Pony build. Here's some thoughts and tips on what you could still improve on:
  • Your main thing to reconsider in this very build is definitely the choice of materials. You may have wanted to aim for something innovative over all the wooden builds, but I think a bit a more "down-to-earth" attempt might have been better. First of all, all these stone ornaments would be incredibly hard to construct, if it's even possible at all with the means they have in Middle-earth. The stone parts are mostly directly attached to roof shingles or the wooden logs. This would most likely be very unstable. Try to combine the materials in a physically more sensible way, use stone for basements, foundations or cores/supporting walls and then use lighter materials like wood as ornaments.
  • Furthermore there's a thing called a "color palette", that means to choose usually 2-4 materials whose colors and textures combine well and look nice next to each other. What exactly does and what does not work out is hard to say generally, and is also a matter of personal taste. I think the material that is not fitting into your color concept is the acacia logs. We have never used them so far in buildings, only in trees, maybe it's the texture that simply doesnt combine very well with other blocks.
  • Next up a small tip for windows: These round windows only work if used in singles, if you want to make bigger windows use the regular glass blocks. Also consider that in Middle-earth glass is most likely an expensive resource, so only make as many windows as neceessary to let enough light into the building to make it cozy.
  • Interior: Try to think of a purpose for every room and furnish it accordingly. In the case of the Prancing Pony you don't need to think that much on that as the book/movies is pretty concise what's in there (pub, rooms for humans, rooms for hobbits and then probs some private rooms and some storage).
  • Use paintings in moderation. Having the Moria West Gate inscription on the wall of the Prancing Pony is probably a bit off :p Check any other building on the server for loads of ideas how to furnish a room with other things than just paintings.
  • Cover the roof shingles so that you can't see them anymore from the inside. Reasons for that: Roof shingles don't connect with each other, so they need something to be placed on, also they would not be able to protect the inside from wind and low temperatures. Best you use some kind of wood for that.
  • Has again to do with the color palette: You have chosen two different floor materials, once the dark planks and once the oak wood planks. Both are wooden and generally look similar, but in combination they look really odd. What I'd recommend is having the lowest floor out of a stony material and the upper floors out of the (same) wooden material.
Alright, I hope this gives you some ideas of what kind of style we're looking for on MCME!
I suggest you participate in another Themed Build and then add some pictures of that to this application. You can add these to your initial post, but make sure to add a new post with each update so that I can see that you have made changes to your application.

~ Finrod