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Backpacking in Scotland


Hardcore MCME-er
Title says it all.
Will be flying into Glasgow Oct 9/10 and head north. Backpacking and camping in the highlands on my way to Skye.
I may take a bus down south to Worcester near the end of October, and maybe spend some time down in the Southwest before heading back North to Cairngorms.
Most likely leaving in Mid December Via Edinburgh.

If anyone happens to be in the area or wants to meetup at some point let me know.


Experienced Member
Ey mate, being a cold hearted scotsman myself, I have some recommendations for your travels!

These places should be fairly close to where you are travelling.

See if you can get yourself to the Kelpies, or even the British commandos memorial, you get some fantastic views of the highlands if you pick a good day to go :).


Would highly recommend getting a boat out to the Corryvreckan, the 3rd largest natural occurring whirlpool in the world too.

If you wanna see something cool and industrial, get a tour of Ben Cruachan Hydroelectric Dam, (aka the hollow mountain) a massive recommend (Also the set of Dr No's secret base if you're a James Bond fan)



I'm unfortunately not situated in Scotland atm, but but if you head south to England, get yourself to York.
Home to York Minster and the shambles.