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Starting Adventurer

I have participated in 1 job,and 1 event soo far.

Builds--> This link has 4 pictures of buildings that i builded.

Interest-->im a very big fan of Dwarven buildings,unique style,details,beside of that i like to build Ships,city specified buildings etc. McDonalds,Planes...

Motivation-->Im a very big fan of Lord of The Rings,and im very happy that there is a server based on its map,i would love to join the team and finish the hole Middle earth map!


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Thank you for your application! There will be a huge amount of dwarven stuff to build soon. Once we finished Gondor we will start Moria :D.
I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted.

The first three screenshot you posted are not too detailed builds. You should try to use some more materials and add many small details. Look around at Pelargir or Linhir where you will find more detailed ships, walls and houses. Especially your castle at the third screen is of very small scale. This makes detailing much more difficult than with larger builds. Your hall at the last screen is much better: More materials, pillars between the windows, bordered roof. Now I would like to see some builds from you with our resourcepacks. Please participate in some >>themed builds<< to show and improve your building skills. Look around at the server and try to build in the style we use at MCME. You also should Artists and Designers for feedback on your themed builds. The recent themed build Carn Dûm will end on Sunday so you have to decide if you want to try to do it in only 5 days.

When you have new builds add some screenshots to your application above. Make a few of every build to show more details. Please also reply to this thread with something like 'update'. This will make us notice your new screenshots.

Aside from themed builds you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<<. When you finished a task for a Designer, remember to ask the Designer to give points to your application as described >>here<<.