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Badge Update

Badge Update
Mini Game/Guidebook
Mini Games Badge:

The Mini Games Badge is getting an update! You may have noticed that over the past month on MCME, the activity of the Guides has seriously decreased. Certainly new players haven't seen much Cyan on the server lately. This is entirely intentional as I retracted the Guide Monthly Requirements for the month of November as it is an intense time of studying for all of us. I know exam season continues into mid December for several Guides as well.
Anyways, in light of this lack of Guides, we've come to the democratic decision that Commoners should be allowed to apply for the Mini Games Badge so that new players across the spectrum of timezones can have more of a chance at something to do. That said, as stewards of this badge, we have very high standards for those who are even considered to hold this ability. So all interested Commoners apply now at the link below, but apply with low expectations if you are a newer member of the community!

Guidebook Badge:

Introducing the brand new Guidebook Badge. As many of you know, the server's points of interest are generally marked with a location and guide/description of that point. This is made with the Guidebook Plugin and moderated by the Guide team. It is a tasking responsibility and if there are those interested in adding flavor to the server's main map, make sure you apply at the link below. Those who will be considered are only going to be Commoner+ who are considered extremely responsible and well equipped to write with factual and grammatically correct English.

Thank you,
The Guide Team

Badge Applications:
Guide Monthly Requirements: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1u_S5fEZ3KT4j9_WNAfRKufviGsQl8MI1xyXU5tDxJB8/edit?usp=sharing
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