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Ban Appeal - Your are not Banned

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Starting Adventurer
Minecraft in game Username: Pachutox
Date of your Ban: 28/07/2014

Reason for your Ban: Placed a sign at the freebuild server
Why your ban should be appealed: I went to the bathroom and i lent to my
brother my minecraft account, then he placed the sign and when i came back i tried to delete it but i couldn`t.


First off... you are not banned on the main server but merely demoted to Oathbreaker. Your freebuild ban stands until you regain Thrall rank.
Secondly... You are responsible for your account on MCME irregardless of who uses it. Your "brother" built stuff within 5-10 blocks (41 pages) of the /warp lore spawn point. Both the rules and the intro quiz clearly state 50 blocks away as the limit to how close you can build to other things.

Your Oathbreaker destination is Michel Delving. When you log onto main get a Bounder or Vala to tp you to Bagend and begin your walk. Once you get to your destination wait there until a Bounder or Vala log it in that you made it.
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