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Finished Bandit/ Traveler Camps on Linhir-Pelargir Road


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How long have you been on the server?: Since August 25 2014. (Five Months)
What is your current rank?: Adventurer

Who have you contacted to help you out with this project?: I talked to DSESGH, I talked to ardelenia, and I talked to Volcrest.
Have you been part in any projects before? If yes elaborate what you did: Nope
Is the project on the list of available projects? Yes
In what amount of time do you think this project will get done (rough guess)? 2.5 weeks

Bandit/Traveler Camps on Linhir-Pelargir Road

/warp Linhir or /warp Pelargir
Project Leader: PINT00
Reserved Leader: Volcrest

Project Staff: Ardelenia
Project Designer: DSESGH
Gondor RP

Linhir Lore:
Linhir was a town in southern Gondor, at the juncture of the River Gilrain and the River Serni, north of the Mouths of Anduin. Through it passed the road from Pelargir to Ethring.

Angbor, the Lord of Lamedon, was here attacked by the Haradrim and Corsairs during the War of the Ring. On 11 March T.A. 3019, Aragorn and the Grey Company arrived at the town (with, of course, the Army of the Dead). Terror came upon their assailants and they fled. The Men of Lamedon fled as well; all save the stout-hearted Angbor. Eventually the Corsairs were driven back to Pelargir, where they were defeated.
Pelargir Lore:
Pelargir was built in S.A. 2350 as a haven of the Faithful. The King's Men established havens farther South. Pelargir was one of the cities that assembled Gondor when it was founded in S.A. 3320 by the Faithful.

It became an even greater haven in the days of the Ship-kings. Tarannon Falastur built a great house there, with its roots in the water which he so dearly loved. His wife, Berúthiel, did not, however, and preferred to live in Osgiliath with her cats. Tarannon's nephew Eärnil I, who succeeded him, rebuilt Pelargir and built a great navy to conquer Umbar.

Castamir was highly loved in the shore regions of the land, and when he usurped the throne, he purposed to move the throne from Osgiliath to Pelargir. Though he did not do so, he did move his base there. After turning the tide in the Kin-strife at the Battle of the Crossings of Erui, Eldacar eventually drove Castamir out of Pelargir in T.A. 1447. Castamir's great-grandsons Angamaitë and Sangahyando eventually retook Pelargir in 1634, and slew king Minardil.

Like his namesake, the great general Eärnil took up residence in Pelargir. His Army of the South was stationed there during the long war with the Balchoth. News of the Disaster of the Morannon reached him on 9 July 1944, and he set out to battle. He returned victorious, and with the King and his sons slain, the general (of royal blood) was crowned King Eärnil II.

During the War of the Ring, Pelargir was overrun by Corsairs once again. Their fleet of some fifty great ships and many more smaller vessels laid in dock, ready to sail to Harlond. It was not to be: Aragorn and the Dead Men of Dunharrow struck fear into the men of Umbar, and they fled or dove into the river Anduin. After manning the Black Ships with his own troops, Aragorn released the spell that had haunted the Dead Men since the day of Isildur.

Project Introduction
The point of this project is to build bandit and traveler camps on the road between Linhir and Pelargir. I have planned it to be 5 camps. Three of the camps are traveler camps and the other two are bandit camps. The camps are supposed to be built a little bit away from the road and the Bandit camps should be hidden from sight.

Mapped Out Plan

Red = Normal tent
Purple = Leader's Tent (Bandit Camp Only)
Green = Loot tent (Bandit Camp Only)

Yellow = Fire (Yellow = Fire)​

Concept Art

Progressive Plan
Step One: Place outlines in build world. [Complete]
Step Two: Normal tent and loot tent Freebuild. [Complete]

Normal Tent Freebuild [Closed]
Loot Tent FreeBuild [Closed]
Step Three: Leader Tent Contest. [Complete]
Step Four: Copy everything into build world. [Complete]
Step Five: Finish up details in the Camps. [Complete]

Possible Adventure Projects
Adventurers will be able to do the freebuilds and the the Leader tent contest.​
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Moved to Jobs and Projects.

And a suggestion: since the bandit camps are a little far away from the road, it would be cool to make some lookout posts closer to the road, to watch for passing travellers. If there is a large tree, it could be in the tree, or there could be a fake bush to hide behind.


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I would like to state that you can now do the freebuild for the normal tents and loot tents. Read the forum guide above and look at the examples at the freebuild site. Don't forget to get there first do /mv tp plotworld, then type /warp pint's camp concepts, or /warp pint. Now go build some tents.

Here is a quote to think about while building tents:
"Hide not your talents. They for use were made."
-Benjamin Franklin


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I would like to announce that the competition for the Leader Tent has officially started. I would like to see some really cool tents. Though everyone is allowed to do the competition, it is recommended for the more skilled builders. Also one person per build. Now to be able to participate in this competition a couple things need to happen.
1. Contact me in any way shape or form (pm me, message me in chat, reply to forum below, ect.) that you want to participate in the competition.
2. You will be given a plot. Please build in that plot. I will be keeping track of who has what plot below.

Now that you know the simple way to enter this competition let's set some ground rules:
1. Please don't destroy the purple wool in the corner of the plots.
2. Don't change the terrain to dramatically.
3. Don't grief other peoples builds.
4. Don't be sad and hate me forever if you don't win. :(

The competition will end by 2/14/15 ( For you Europeans who hate the American way of doing dates that is March 14, 2015). Then Volcrest, Ardelenia, and I will discuss who the winner is, and that build will be implemented into the build world.

So here is the same quote I used before.
"Hide not your talents. They for use were made."
-Benjamin Franklin
And when I put that quote there I really meant it. For all those people who don't think they are able to build so amazingly try this competition, you never know.
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Since I feel a bit less stressed with milder sized builds such as this I think I'll go ahead and ask for a spot. Maybe I'll accidentally make something great : P.


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Well it has come to the 14 of March also known as Pi day. Get it 3.14 because March is the third month and it is the fourteenth, so 3.14, ya moving on. This is to address the Leader Tent Contest, the contest is over... and with the lack of entries it was kind of easy/hard to choose. But the winner of the contest was:



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I'm glad I could help, though I can't help but feel there are some improvements necessary. Feel free to address them. And it was a nice little duel King, be it a waiting around kind of duel : P


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Status update?
If no update or progress is made, this project will be handed over to someone else.


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For my own part the problem lies in staff always doing things while online and I don't want to bother them to copy all 26 tents.

If the tents are copied over to the main server, progress will go along speedily, even if I do it all myself (since pint seems to have disappeared temporarily).


Hardcore MCME-er
For my own part the problem lies in staff always doing things while online and I don't want to bother them to copy all 26 tents.

If the tents are copied over to the main server, progress will go along speedily, even if I do it all myself (since pint seems to have disappeared temporarily).
You have a project Designer that should help with the copying, since it's what they signed up for