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Beautiful font for MCME

Beautiful font for MCME 2016-12-19

No permission to download


Hardcore MCME-er
Daddlio submitted a new resource:

Beautiful font for MCME - A beautiful elvenlike font from the FotFW-Map, now to be used everywhere.

You think the vanilla minecraft font is not worthy to be on our magnificent server?
-> Then this is for you!

The other day i saw a screenshot from Thijs where he had that wonderful font. And I wanted that too.
Then i figured, why keep it for my own, so i put it into a resource-pack for easy use for everyone.

How To:
Just download the RP, put it to your RP-folder in the minecraft directory and enable it lowest in the RP-list ingame....
Read more about this resource...


I use this font all the time when I play MC, and I can tell you thats its much better than a basic one. No confusion at all


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
I vote no, it's not practical, while, especially with new plugins with TUI's (Text User Interfaces) it's very important that written information can be delivered as clearly as possible. Also as elvish student I just (no offense) hate fonts which use elvish letters just for the stereotypical elvish touch. Imo it would make MCME as a whole look less authentic.


Hardcore MCME-er
Well... thats exactly why I made a rp for it, so everybody who wants to use it, can do so in an easy way now. But nobody has to!

Also i didnt plan on startig a big discussion with arguments and stuff, just wanted to help ppl out (and maybe get a yes or no).


Eru Iluvatar
Staff member
Yeah with the pack it remains userchoice as you can just enable it and combine it with all the other packs. But to make everyone use it by default... Personally I already dislike the default pixelated Minecraft font (but found no real way to replace it with something else without installing a mod) because it's not so clear to read, especially j and l characters.


Also I uploaded this ages ago :p