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Beefnotanoob's application


Starting Adventurer
Hi i am Beefnoanoob this is my artist application i have not got my hopes up but pls wish me gl!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I joined the great server MCME looking for a great building server because no joke yesterday i saw the hobbit soooooooooo I joined 13 of august.
  • Jobs and Plotbuilds:I am a not the best builder some would say i am "TRASH" I would say I am leaning do not put my hole app on building if I get in i will anwser peoples question help them if they r stuck tell them names of warps and stuff help them tell me commands like /fly /warp /tpa and more.

  • Themed-builds: Okay this is sad I can not build I have not made a build anything like this servers amazing builds so no I have not done a build like it I will not be able to build I just wanna help the community.
  • Additional Builds:I am not even gonna try on this bit I CAN NOT BUILD R.I.P
  • Your interests:Minecraft the hobbit star wars harry potter and finely pizzzzzzzzzza.
  • Your motivation:Helping the people who just joined


Staff member
Edit your application to follow the template
This is what nic tries to show you but fails in regarding giving you any useful information due to lack of explanation:
This is also useful for aspiring artists:

Good luck!
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