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In Progress Belfalas


Hardcore MCME-er
Belfalas Weekly Summary
9/11/16 Update:

So in yesterdays staff meeting, we all agreed on making daily project updates for all or most projects being worked on. Of course it won't be large paragraphs everyday like me and Darki are currently doing, but more rather smaller ones, just to explain to the community what was done. You can be expecting the Belfalas updates from mainly @Darki190, @Thijs1801 or myself.

So whats new?

  • Terrain
@Darki190 and myself have finished up the terrain in western Belfalas. After around a week of work on it we finally finished it. What's left to do on that area is the vegetation, streams, and roads. The results are pretty nice, check it out!


As well as that @Eriol_Eandur has been going mad, working like crazy whilst revamping the mountain range over in northern Belfalas


And lastly for the terrain, in a Belfalas meeting of Darki, Eriol, Thijs and myself, we decided on changing the desert terrain into plains, making it a lushes rich green, preventing issues of merging the desert and plains biomes, and also making it more farm-suitable. Currently @Thijs1801 is sectioning off areas that will contain plains, and forest biomes. Here's a map made by Thijs featuring his excellent paint skills.


  • What to do for Adventurers?
Well we have good news for you! If you are one of those interested in getting artist, make sure to help out in jobs whenever there is one, and add it to your app!
- Roads
There has been a ton of roads marked out all around Belfalas just recently.
- Farm walls
As I am about to talk about below, there will be a lot of walls to be made, be sure to ask an artist if you can help with them.
  • What to do for Artists?
As for the work concerning artists, things get more interesting. Another thing we discussed during the Staff Meeting, is to make Artist jobs available to see on the forums, this means whenever you want work, and there isn't a designer in game, you can check the forums for work!

I have marked out some fields near Windmaw in yellow wool, above the marked out fields is a giant blue arrow, and a row of signs, indicating what you should do for the farm, as well as other things you should keep in mind while working on it. Here is a screenshot of what these will look like. There are not only farms though, I have also marked out some small farmer villages and the like that you can also do if you wish. Same rules apply.


Keep in mind that you do not have to ask anyone to make these, as long as you're an Artist and have written your name on the sign, you're free to go :)

As well as that, here is a list of the other stuff you can do (for these you also don't have to ask to build it, unless I have stated otherwise, please leave a wool block with your name on it so we can see who made what, and preventing trouble).

- Bridges
You will probably have noticed by now that there are a lot of bridges around Belfalas that have been marked out, try not build them if the road next to them have not been done, but if you really don't have anything else to do, you can.
- Rivers/streams
If there are any left, feel free to do them (for these you will have to ask either @Darki190, @Thijs1801, @Eriol_Eandur, or myself)
That's all for this week today folks, enjoy the update while I slowly cry myself to sleep in a dark corner as I realise that this is going to have to be done daily :(

- Eaglz24

PS. There might be some issues with the pictures.
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Hardcore MCME-er
9/12/16 Update:

Here's yet another update for Belfalas today, presented by my good self once again. Small note before we get started, the Belfalas staff team have decided on what time of day we should release the updates. And that time will be around this time as this post is getting released (so early morning for the Europeans, middle of the night for the Americans, and, evening for myself. Regarding a schedule on who will be releasing the updates when, has not been decided, but hopefully be in tomorrows update. Technically this is the second update today (for me), and two updates yesterday. Again, that's because we hadn't decided on the time we will roughly release them, but that should all be cleared up now. :) Anyway, on to the program!

What's new?

  • Terrain
I have finished grassing all of the remaining terrain that needs vegetation, I am currently now moving on to adding the flowers and bushes, and then I will finally move on to the trees in the coming week.


@Darki190 with the help of some artists, has finished off the streams and rivers to the east, all they need now is water. As well as finishing off the streams and rivers (kinda), he also finished the rocky area in the same area, results are pretty nice.


@Thijs1801 has finished his Biome changes, things should look more cleaner with a tidy transition.

No progress from @Eriol_Eandur today, as he already did his update yesterday, and assuming he has been sleeping since the update :p

  • Farms
A lot of progress has been made on the farms outside Windmaw and Steelmoar, mainly the ones using the new farm-system I have experimented with, which seems to be working pretty well as every section was claimed fairly quickly, which makes me very happy!

- @thomasd_17 was the first to claim a farm, which is indeed coming along very nicely. His farm features 4 medium/small size fields consisting of a harvested carrot field, a regular growing carrot field, a potato and a beat field. As well as 3 unidentified buildings planned out in the center of the section.

- @Kjolsen has claimed the purple farmer village, no real progress as of yet.

- @samgamgee10 has claimed a section, this one uses the 'Three-field-system', as you could guess, it consists of three wheat fields. One of the fields being young undeveloped crop, the second being middle stage growth, and the last being unused to refuel the minerals. This is a cycle that happens in sequential seasons. Fancy, I know.

Additionally I have added several new sections in the same area.
- Wheat
- Vegetable
- Pasture
- Vineyard​
Be sure to claim one and help out :D

  • What to do for Artists?
- Farms
As I have stated above, there have been some more farms that I have planned out for you guys to claim, remember, you don't have to ask to claim these, just find one and get working :D

- Farm walls
If you have any time on your hands and want to help out, but don't necessarily want to claim a section, feel free to ask the section owners to do the walls. I'm sure they would appreciate it.

- Bridges
There are still more bridges around Belfalas that need doing, so if you want something to do, bridges are awaiting!
  • What to do for Adventurers?
- Roads
There is still a fair amount of road work to be done, so feel free to ask a Designer if he can start up a job for you.

- Farm walls

Similar to the one under the 'What to do for Artists?', you can also ask some section owners if they need a hand with the walls. Or any other easy job work that they have for you.

- Root fixes
Probably not the most fun or exciting, but this also needs to be done, just as any other job. As I am working on the trees there will be a lot of these jobs going on, so keep a watchful eye!
So that is all that has been happening today. Do expect that these posts might start getting repetitive, as you can imagine. There is only so much that you can add from a days work. If you guys have anything else that's Belfalas related and new, I would love to hear it.
Thank you for reading and have a good rest of your day!




Manual Treebuilder
Methrast update:
I finished off the poor district and made a start on redoing the islands/rocks in the sea south of the city (RIP Ibiza 2016-2016). I also set up some artist jobs north of the city, tell me in game or on TS if you want to do a farm or woodcutting area.


Hardcore MCME-er
I have finished grassing all of the remaining terrain that needs vegetation, I am currently now moving on to adding the flowers and bushes, and then I will finally move on to the trees in the coming week.

We really needed that picture didn't we now, none of us have any idea what grass looks like. Thank you.


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Media Team
Today I smoothed another bit of terrain north of Lostfalls.

Also I made a plotbuild for @minecrasher2000 to smooth some more terrain by hand as he asked for some slave work. :D

As the result is quite promising I decided to make some more plots:

Belfalas Terrain Plotbuild

Smoothing of terrain is the last step of terraforming before adding materials. This is the step which takes most time. So I could need some help here ;)

You will get to the plots with /plot warp BelfalasTerrain
To claim a plot go inside of the plot and do /plot claim
When you are finished do /plot finished
I will then give feedback on signs in the plot about what to improve if needed.

Please keep in mind these instructions:
  • In the prior steps the terrain is already shaped very detailed, so during smoothing you should try to keep the overall shape.
  • Make the individual layers bending very smoothly, no sudden changes of direction please. This is quite similar to digging streams and roads.
  • Avoid long straight or diagonal parts of a terrain layer.
  • Make the shape of nearby layers very similar to each other
  • Make adjacted layers equally wide.
  • Don't change materials, work with sand only (I will turn to stone and grass when you are finished).
  • Have fun :)
This is how it should look like when finished:
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Hardcore MCME-er

Hey guys, I have (hopefully) opened up a house plot build in the lostfalls region of Belfalas!

Please match the styles of the sample house found in the middle of the lostfalls. The houses are originally ruined elven houses, but have been rebuilt by Gondorian men. The area is very rural, so I expect a rural, conventional style to the interior (aka nothing fancy and expensive).

Dont worry if your house stands tall above the ground too much, or is built into the ground; I can fix this in post if needs be. As long as the style matches the style of the sample house!

I will be building these as well, so feel free to look at how I approach the style. :)


To start:
/plot warp lostfalls

Please remember that anything off topic will be removed, and you will be referred to an enforcer.

Any more questions about the style of housing, simply message myself or @Thijs1801 in game or on forums.
If you have any questions regarding the plugin, id suggest you ask @Ivan1pl or @Eriol_Eandur. I'm still getting used to the plotbuild plugin myself, so apologies if Ive derped a couple of the plots. Just try your best and we can work it out :)

Remember the plotworld commands are:
  • /plot info: Displays the link to this post!
  • /plot list lostfalls: Without a specified plotbuild lists all running Plotbuilds along with number of free plots. Click at the plotbuilds to get a list of all plots there.
  • /plot warp lostfalls Teleports you to a plotbuild or a specific plot number of that plotbuild.
  • /plot claim:
    When standing inside an unclaimed plot, claims the plot. This gives build permissions inside the plot and displays the player name on a sign at the plot. Can not be used when the plotbuild is private.
  • /plot invite <player>:
    When inside a plot and user is builder of that plot, adds player to the building team of the plot. Both players then can build inside that plot. Sign is updated with all player names. Maximum of players in a building team is 8. After that every player of the building team can invite other players.

  • /plot leave:
    When standing inside a plot and plot is owned by multiple players, leaves the building team, which would then allow the leaving player to claim another plot. If plot is owned by only one player, command fails and suggests to use /plot unclaim instead.

  • /plot finish:
    When inside a plot and user is builder of the plot, the plot is marked as being finished / ready for check and notifies staffs of the plotbuild. It is required to mark a plot as finished before it is possible to claim another plot.

  • /plot unclaim:
    When inside a plot and user is the only builder of the plot, unclaims and resets plot. For resetting see notes on /plot clear.
Any questions, let me know :)

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Hardcore MCME-er
UPDATE: Plotbuild has been paused, apologies if you have already started building. @Thijs1801 has changed his mind with his house design and style, so he's going to create a new style instead. From now on please contact him regarding lostfalls progress.


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Media Team
After some days of plugin fixing I did a bit of terrain smothing today, north of Lostfalls. Also accepted some more terrain plots, thanks a lot for helping @NicTheFifth, and @minecrasher2000.

Edit: Next day: I turned a patch of desert to green. Nice terrain progress.

Edit again: Another day, another path of green in the desert north of Lostfalls

Edit once again: Green is still expanding in the valley north of Lostfalls. I took some pics over the last weeks to document progress
Next Edit: No terrain progress, during the last two days, I'm busy with Anniversary stuff.
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Manual Treebuilder
Methrast North Plotbuild: OPEN


Building is now open on many of the houses in the north district of Methrast! Each of the blue/purple borders marks the outline of a house or shop; if it has a sign on the border it is included in this plotbuild. This sign will tell you what kind of building it should be.


Refer to the two example houses at the south of the district for style. Use mostly wood and stained clay for the walls, although you can use stone for the ground floor.

For the main structural pillars, use either wood pillars or stone pillars. For filling in the walls, use a walls material from either the
stone walls or hardened clay walls section for the main colour, then 1 or 2 materials from the stone texturing or hardened clay texturing section as appropriate to add detail. For the roof, use a frame of birch wood and any colour of tiles.

Try to keep it varied: don't make your house the same colour as the one next door!

The materials you can use are as follows:
Wood pillars: Birch logs, birch planks
Stone pillars: Sandstone, chiseled sandstone (or a mixture of the two)
Stone walls: Cobblestone, bricks, Cyan hardened clay
Stone texturing: Smooth stone, Lapis Lazuli ore, Lapis Lazuli block, Diamond ore, Mossy stone bricks
Hardened Clay walls: White, Yellow, Lime, Gray, Light Gray, Green, Red
Hardened Clay texturing: Birch planks, another similar colour of clay


/plot info: Links you to this post.
/plot warp MethrastNorth: Takes you to the plotbuild.
/plot list MethrastNorth: Shows you which plots are still availiable to build in.
/plot claim: Claims a plot for you to build in.
/plot unclaim: Unclaims your plot and resets it.
/plot finish: Marks your plot as ready for checking.

Note: The blue commands require you to be standing inside the plot in question.

Remember any off topic or inappropriate builds will be removed and you may be referred to an Enforcer.

If you have any questions, feel free to message me in game, on TS or on the forums.
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A little progress-update from me now.

I have been working on this farm in less than a week now, and finally I have now come to an end. I, personally, think it turned out really good - and better than I've expected! The farm, that is located somewhere close to the road between Lostfalls (+ Dol Amroth (rip)) and Minas Aduial, consists of several wheat -, carrot- and potatofields, several small and beautiful houses, two windmills, a sheepfarm, and a small vegetable farm located next to the small waterfall. There are also a couple of streams that goes through the farm.

Special thanks to @thomasd_17 (my beloved pingu<3), @BWOT, @P1eter.
Also - thanks to @Patrick_0901, @robz, @ReniMarus, @Darki190 and @Wroxxite for helping me out a little <3

- Kjolsen
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Hello my dear fellows!

Another update from me now, but about something bigger than last time!

As you guys might dont know, I am in charge of Methrast now that Brazen resigned. And no - that doesnt mean I will revamp Methrast, and it definitely doesnt mean that Methrast Resort will come back, because guys - that aint happening! o_O

But it do mean that some changes will come with it, and I will finish some of Brazen's plans for Methrast.
The poorer part of Methrast is now basically done, and I personally think it turned out really well. Thanks to you who have helped!
There are still something to do outside the walls, like fields (which @P1eter has claimed) and some smaller details.


I am currently discussing whether if we will fulfill Brazen's plan of making sewers / underground water channels under Methrast, or not with @Thijs1801. If you guys have any ideas you want to share with us concerning this, please let me know! (You can visit the area under Methrast, which currently is basically nothing, if you go to /warp Methrast and find your way under it).

I will also redo the dock that is made in Methrast (the big one, with the damaged ship), because of it's unrealism. The dock, as it is right now, has no protection against the open ocean. So - a smaller dock would be great here!

I will also be going through Methrast all over again, just to check if there is anything to do (unfinished houses, derps etc etc).

To Artists: please check the huge board placed just over the gates for tasks to do. There are also information etc there to be read, if you're interested! ;)


Some screenshots of the poorer part of Methrast, that just got finished.

That was all from me right now, but there will be more sooner than later, guys! :rolleyes:

And please - if you would like to help - there is always something to do in Methrast! :D


Have a lovely friday evening, guys!

- @Kjolsen