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On Hold **Belfalas**

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~:~|~:~ Belfalas ~:~|~:~
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Project Leader: @Darki
Co-Leader: @Eriol_Eandur
Project Staff: @Dutch_Knight

Announcements Thread

Overall Progress and State
Approximate Overall Progress Percentage: 70%
Current Progress State: Building

Current Progress Review: Slightly Behind Schedule
Current Progress Expectation: 80%
Current State Expectation: Building
(Close to Finished)
Estimated TIme of Finishing: 2 months 20 days

Project Discussion Thread
The thread to discuss in general the project, comment on any updates or any other non-announcement topic.
Link: Belfalas

Belfalas Planning Post
As of right now there seems to not be a complete post with everything in it I have put the latest planning for the vegetation.
By Darki:

Belfalas Vegetation Concepts

As we are closing in on finishing the Belfalas terrain we need to look on what is left to do after the terrain is finished. So @Eriol_Eandur and I have discussed and have decided on what to do with the vegetation in Belfalas. @Eriol_Eandur has made a map of what type of vegetation is going to be made in what part of Belfalas. This map includes all vegetation, farm areas and villages that still need to be done.

Belfalas Vegetation Map:

Too realise our goal of finishing Belfalas we need to make some final concepts. These concepts will be used as an example when foreman will be running jobs in Belfalas in the near future. So what we ask of all of you that want to participate is: Helping us create the final concepts of the Belfalas vegetation.

What can you personally do to help?

I have created plots where one can have a go at your personal concept for the Belfalas terrain. These plots can be found at /warp Belfalasvegatation. You can claim your plot by typing your name that is in front of the plot. Your concept has to be suffice to the following rules:
  1. Everything made in your plot must be made by hand
  2. You have to look at the example pictures BELOW and keep to this style.
  3. Use the Gondor Resource Pack 2, the same one that is used in DA. (this include all the new tree and leaves textures)
Plotbuild possibility #1: Forrest vegatation

When participating in this part of the plotbuild, try to make something like the pictures shown below.

@RubenPieterMark has taken control over the Belfalastreeplot (warp Belfalastreeplot). All the trees and bushes that have been build and are deemed acceptable will be placed in our Belfalas Tree Plot.

Plotbuild possibility #2: Open grass areas and undergrowth for trees.

When participating in this part of the plotbuild, try to make something like the pictures shown below.

In medieval times forests were intensly used by people, e.g. feeding pigs or growing building materials, these forrests had no or very little undergrows
I don't say we should make all forests without undergrowth but just those near settlements. Some gound concepts for such a forest would be great.

For sheep I would like to have some very open grass lands like this:
But also areas with some solitary trees, and small groups of trees for more variation. So far our grasslands are quite uniform: Solitary trees and flower placed everywhere in the same way.
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Announcements July 27th, 2018:
The Gondor RP Merge occurred this weekend (thanks to our Head Developer) and so after derp fixing, the vegetation for Belfalas can continue. Also I believe all terraforming has been finished by again @Eriol_Eandur!

Current Tasks Left (Overall):
- Vegetation: @Darki and @RubenPieterMark
- Farms: @Eriol_Eandur and @Wroxxite
- Streams and Rivers: @Eriol_Eandur and @Darki
- Merge Derp Fixing: @Eriol_Eandur

If you cannot complete you task, (1) contact me, (2) delegate it to someone else. If you see a " ? " and you are in charge of the task, contact me. If you are a designer you can claim it as well or if you are not contact me and we will chat. If you see a task which is not there, please contact me.

Belfalas To do List : this is an excel sheet which Darki had in the last post, however I feel it is a bit outdated.
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Time for an update!
The last couple of weeks I've been working on some concepts and implementing some of them on the main map (mainly around the Linhir area).
Now that @Darki and @Eriol_Eandur and I have come to an agreement of how we want to continue this project I'll start with finishing up the farms, pastures and bushlands, marked with their respective colours on the map above.

Bushland concept.

I started planning (with the help of @Roel2005 ) the new vegetation and removing the old vegetation.

Some hills that soon will be turned into a pasture.

We'll also redo some of the older farms to match with the new ones. This shouldn't be too difficult, but I could always use some help, so feel free to sent me a message and I can give you something to work on. (mainly foremen and people with the unlimited worldedit badge)

The new farm concepts that'll be used throughout all of Belfalas.

Finally I'd like again to ask for some foremen to contact me for jobs I need done.


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Another Update:

I'm very happy what has been finished in less than 2 weeks.

There used to be a forest here. (Lostfalls area)

I've been removing a lot of old vegetation to make room for the new.

Farms close to Methrast

With the help of a couple of foremen and some more commoners and adventurers we're finishing these farms quite quickly.
The ones with a purple marker are finished.

Some farms around Ironmere

We're also refining some of the farms around some villages, to make sure they're on an equal level of quality.

Finally I did a lot of grassing, for the pastures, most of east Belfalas has grass now, though a lot of detail is still needed. I'm currently waiting for a solution for stencils (which are currently broken) so I can easily get some trees in.
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Update Time!

Great progress again, many trees removed and many were placed these last couple of weeks.
Let's not even get started about the amounts of grass and flowers...

However the biggest update in one area was definitely the hedges of these farms.
Just over a month ago they looked like this:

Now they have all beautiful hedges around them, thanks to @TotiGonzales and many helping hands.
I'll just have to finish them up now, adding in trees and all types of details.

I also made a crude concept for the forests on the main mountain range going through Belfalas
I won't deny taking a look at @jacenpeter 's stunning vegetation first.

Furthermore some streams got some water, some got some bushes and a couple
forests were removed. (Darki poked me to remove one more whilst writing this)
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