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Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

Welcome to the Insider

Helllloo there, i see you are reading this with slight confusion asking what is this and why is it written by ooitsbirdo, i mean he can't even spell so why is he writing this so called “article”. To which i say “wow, that's quite mean and uncalled for!” but in honesty i have been allowed to write my own news article where i give updates around the server, post funny stories and some more serious news Like texture updates. I generally don't know what i should do with this so it's up to you what i will discuss, it could be anything from lore to why @thomasd18 sister is still banned on MCME, #UnBanBecca , #UBB , #FreeBecca . Anyway the choice is yours.​


@thomasd18 is not a real penguin. EXPOSED!!​

Project Progress

Andrast (In Progress) - Lead: @jacenpeter

Jacen and @mattlego have started work on the river delta in Andrast and i'm sure they will finish in next to no time​

Dol Amroth (In Progress) - Lead: @Thijs1801

Dol amroth has had much progress over the past few weeks! Seatown is finishing up, lower Dol Amroth is almost done, concepts for the rich parts are done as well and as for Gemtown, it will start as soon as Seatown is done. So get your ass into that city and get to work!!​

Moria (In Progress) - Lead: @Despot666

Artist have been working like crazy building a number of halls and with the scrub @Patrick_0901 part of the projects halls have been popping up left right and center so go check it out, try not to get lost tho!​

Mordor Terrain (In Progress) - Lead: @Fireinferno13

A few birds have told me that @Fireinferno13 has been slacking in his job recently, hence why there hasn’t been much progress with terrain around mordor but we are hopeful that this project will soon be back and rolling again.​

Belfalas (In Progress) - Lead: @Darki

The progress is going well in Belfalas, the coast of belfalas is done! Go over and check it out, im sure it looks amazing. Hopefully Darki can do more work if he isn’t to busy screaming when its raining whilst biking and talking on discord. You utter scrub!​

Tree Build (In Progress) - Lead: @RubenPieterMark

TREES!! The Bane of my life and certainly others, but we need them built! Mr Ruben has been working hard with the help of others to build a crazy amount of trees and have managed to build 120 trees within one and a half ours!!​

Funny Side of MCME

This section is all about the funny side of MCME this could be about your funniest experience you have had, so send me a screenshot of funny chat moments anything to be honest that will make people laugh, So @mapthor you can’t post any memes sorry.​

The story of how Mr @Fireinferno13 was born, with Daddy's @bender400 and @TheSpeedy_

Closing Statement

I Hope you enjoyed reading my first article.I promise to get better at making these and improve the quality. Also as a note, this is not the times this is a separate article that is not associated with the times! I would like to state as well that all my criticizing of players is all for good fun and should be taken light hearted and excuse my spelling mistakes. And again remember THOMAS is not a Penguin!! #Fakepengu !!

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