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Blendorean art.


Hardcore MCME-er
Hello mcme peoples, I've decided to create a bit of my own art thread. Drawing is a bit of a hobby, I have the same interest in drawing as I do in mcme, might be a decent drawer (If I do say so myself :p) but there is always more to learn.

Here's an old battle scene I did awhile back, you could say the knights on the left are trying to fight an army of Saurons, not looking too good.



Hardcore MCME-er
Hocus pocus, blendy bendy, and wala, this thread has been resurrected!


The long white bar down the left side is an edition to the paper length using my scanner, there was just barely enough room for the short sword he holds, so I decided to add a bit more to the paper.


Hardcore MCME-er
Spent the last four or five days straight painting this, (it took me foreeeever to figure out how to paint metal)
There are a few things which I could go into further detail with, but I hope you enjoy!

"What fear they felt! It was something out of a nightmare to see such an opponent! He was dressed all in steel, which shone in the moonlight, his scarlet cloak billowed about him making him seem like an avenging god, and the black line that was his visor showed his wrath."


Another bit of Blendorean art.
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