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Block Models


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While searching through our Gondor RP I learned quite a bit about block models and stumbled upon some derpy block models and improved them:
  • Portal
  • Half Doors
  • Half Beds
  • Pink Glass Pane (net texture, EDIT: now 2D because 3D model was derpy)

I fixed these and also added
  • Diagonal footprints

@Finrod_Amandil, I made a pull requests to all MCME resource packs with these block models.

Additionally I made nice anvil items (based on @Despot666's block models) for Moria pack:

If you know any other block models which could be improved just post here and I will try to fix.
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Media Team
1. For the nets, if they're not connected on any side, that they're textured as a rope
2. A proper bottom for the piston extensions