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Accepted blueblob321123 artist aplication 2


Aspiring Member
Hey i'd like to have another shot at artist application (first application: https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/blueblob321123-artist-aplication.3557/#post-41174 ). I haven't really worked on my theme builds since last time but i think my interior skills have improved , i'd quickly like to say thank you to @P1eter and @Patrick_0901 for helping me a lot and being really kind and helpful :) . I'm currently taking part in the temple of light contest with @Leafdragon117 and @P1eter and we've made some good progress, i started on my own to realise after getting the layout of the pillars ready its to much for one person so again thank you to them. I had a plot made for me in marda where i practised interior building aswell as exterior, i also helped build some fields. Also in my last application i said i helped in lamedon i meant i helped in Smailholm
where i built some houses and did some interiors. I also have been keen on Moria laterly and @Patrick_0901 has let me do some 'ruining' in the tunnels and passages making them look older and abandoned.I also did this in the royal quarters. I think i just didn't really try to build interriors and i left them out before. But now i realised i can be good when i try so i got for it. I'm working on the current theme build at the moment, bamfurlong which i've spent lots of time on, you should check that out because i've got some good interior and work there. I helped at build day aswell. Thank you all once again and i hoped you enjoyed reading this.

This is my house in Marda, it has my interior in, if you cant warp there it should be on a plot build. (It was deleted recently since it was a practise plot :/ )

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hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thanks a lot for your application update, and sorry for the late reply.

I do really like how much you engage yourself on the server! You're very active, you make bonds with other Artists to get better at building, and you voice ideas you're having! Building skills are not everything a good contributor needs, although for an Artist they sure are rather important! I'm not sure if I mentioned it towards you already, but the main reason I sometimes keep applicants submitting more builds is mainly in order to prevent that the players can not handle what Designers might expect from them, I don't want that you're being overwhelmed by this ;)

Now, I think you've learned a quite good number of small things by now, and the fact that you seem to be interested in getting better makes it even better. I think you're ready to be able to cope with what might be asked of you as an Artist.

So, congratulations, I'm gonna promote you to Artist!

Be sure to check out the Artist Manual, it should answer most questions you might have now. Else of course feel free to ask any other Artist or above ;)

~ Finrod