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Accepted bobingvar


One Of Us
Eavening! My name is bobingvar and i would like to apply for artist.
I joined the server on November 11th 2011.
Since that time, I have participated in countless jobs, and hosted many of them myself :)
Here is the link to my album containing the themed builds I have participated in, plus some other builds I've made on the server:
I like working on infrastructures such as towns and villages, rather that greater singular buildings. Besides from that, I enjoy working with wood and stone.
I have been away for a year now due to the army. But now as I have started my studies i'll have more time to spend on the server and I feel that I would make a bigger resource for the server as an artist.
Thanks for reading my app, I look forward to your reply :)
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hon. Head Designer
Staff member
I am really sorry but your application is not valid, the Ent in one of your Themed Builds seems to extend over the borders of the Themed Build plot which is strictly prohibited. Disciplinary measures will be taken by our Enforcer team soon.

jk welcome back :D
(maybe check out the Artist manual, although not much should have changed: Artist Manual)