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As you know we have a film/trailer thread, a music thread, and an entire section dedicated to other games. So I came with the idea of a book thread.

So in this thread add new books/series that you think will be nice, or books/series that have already been released and you think deserver their fifteen minutes of fame.


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Most likely the newest book with original Tolkien writing in it (released late 2015):
I enjoyed reading it a lot, but obviously you gotta be a pretty hardcore elvish / Tolkien nerd to stand it through :p
The Feanorian alfabet is also in the appendices of lotr right? Anyways, im currently reading The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun. It looks like a big book but each page actually contains very little text. It doesnt read very comfortabely, because it is written in poem/song structures. I dont really understand the story tbf :p
If you are more experienced with reading 'songs' (and older) it is recommended tho, because Tolkien got very much inspitiration from this legend for The Lord of The Rings. Someone (i dont remember who) once said that The Legend of Sigurd and Gudrun is the legend of Troy for northern Europe. The book is published by John Tolkiens son Christopher. JRR actually never wrote the legend as a book at all, but it was just notes for a lecture.


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Here are my favorite books:


Is a serie of 8 books


Is a serie of 13 books, there may be coming more


Not so old fashioned as the cover looks, quite an interesting story. Is a triology


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I found the Edge Chronicles a very good read when I was younger, and I don't think they're that well known. I don't know how they hold up for older readers though, I haven't read them in almost 10 years.


There are several trilogies in the series focusing on different main characters. The world goes through some real changes as well, and it's fun to see how everything has changed when you start the next trilogy. I can definitely recommend them for our younger members (or oldies with kids), and perhaps they hold up for an older audience as well.