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Running Man sounds a lot like The Most Dangerous Game. I've never really been into Stephen King books, movies based off his work are usually hit or miss. I've really been into Classics lately. 1984, and Invisible Man are probably my favorite two books.


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Currently reading Game of Thrones, trying to get through the first three before season 4 airs in April. Probably won't happen but it's worth a shot.

@gigo09 The Fault in our Stars was the first John Green book I read, and it was wonderful. Granted it took me months to actually start reading it just based on the premise (narrative of a teenage girl? I'm a 21 year old single male, saw it as a bit odd). But once I started, it was easy to keep reading and damn glad I did. It's a wonderful love story and excellent insight into the minds and hearts of the terminally ill. There is a film adaptation coming out this summer if that has any weight for you.

@devilius Following exactly what I said for gigo, The Fault in our Stars would be an easy recommendation for me, as well as John Green's other books. Looking for Alaska is a very very good read, but with the same sort of weight that TFioS has. I was able to read it in two, four-hour flights and a bit of overlay time. So that might fit well into your 52 book deal.


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Blown away: a book that I don't remember that well, but I do remember that a guy moved to an island and something interesting happened.
A big storm happens near the end. It's pretty sad. :( But read it! It's very exciting

Born on a blue day: the story of Daniel Tammet's life.

Embracing the Wide Sky (by Daniel Tammet): Not exciting, but very interesting. Tammet is a Savant, so they're stuff about that in there. For people who want to know more about the brain, intelligence, etc.

I read the first book of the cycle and give up when I understand how much it looks like Lord of the Ring and Star Wars ...
I hope you aren't talking about the Inheritance Cycle. it is like LOTR, but I don't see Star Wars. You should finish it.
I read the first book in 3 days cause i loved it :D
I read the last book in six days, because I was so addicted.
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