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Bookstore Update


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Bookstore Update:

Well I never thought I would be doing one of these. As you know, in the mists of Bree in MCME, I run a bookstore where I "post" your stories that you write about non-canon lore. And, if you have noticed, I haven't posted there in a while. Why you may ask. Well, it's because in writing a story! So far, its 23 pages long, in Apple Notes, and I have no clue what that translates to in Minecraft Books. The story is about a new generation of Hobbits who kinda have to save the world from a very evil evil. It's called the Afterwords, because it takes place after the The Return of the King. So, I expect the first book in the series to be released end of June, mid July. I honestly cant wait to get this book out to you guys and ill also make a new thread of the forums for questions or ideas for this book and future books. Sorry for the lack of books in the store and I hope you will enjoy this next book.

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