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Breaking Ground in Mordor

Breaking Ground in Mordor

Hello everyone, I am just as excited as you in starting this journey of beginning hopefully the most advanced project on MCME. This is going to be a long road, and going to take some time to start up, however, I believe you all will thoroughly enjoy it. So, let me not hinder you any longer an get started.

So how are we going to go about this... well first: a surprise, then let's go through some of the things I know you all want to know, then lets end with the specifics and where we are going from here!


Minas Morgul: the surprise!
Now yes... that is Minas Morgul, yes... it is on our 1.13 server, yes... all ranked members can visit it and we will open it to the public as soon as we get some things straightened on the 1.13 server. This is a surprise from the Designer Team to you. Started by Thijs, then heavily worked on by me and Credoo and all the terrain done there was done by Eriol, with help from barteldvn and Toti. We also had Tyran aid in the design of the main tower and Smaug helped with some voxeling, also a big thanks to Toti for the screenshot. The exterior is the only part which is "finished", a lot of work to be done with details and the entire interior. Me and Credoo will be leading this and opening it up to our build Team as soon as we have enough textures to work on it. As you will find out later on Eriol is leading the region, and therefore is in charge of all other aspects in the Morgul area.

I hope you enjoy this build as much as I do, it is not often that we do one of these grand reveals, however we wanted to showcase something for the official starting of this project.

Now onto many of your questions...

Barad Dur: Plans and how we are going to get it done
We have had lots of suggestions and ideas over the time MCME has run on just how we would do Barad Dur. As most of you know, Tyran when creating the World Machine terrain designed the area Barad Dur is located so that we can get maximum height. After discussing it for a while, we have come to this conclusion: there will be two parts to Barad Dur, the top and a lower. The top will be in the normal main world, and is what you can see, we will of course go to the max building height of 256. Around Barad Dur, we will be doing a ditch, this will go all the way down to the void. Now you might all be concerned, won't that look horrible, seeing the void?... Well no, me and Tyran were looking around and there is a way to attatch a picture of the void to the biome. It has been done in other communities, and therefore when you look down, it will seem like you are seeing the other part of Barad Dur down below, with lava and everything. Then the rest of Barad Dur, will actually be in another world, so that we can get double world height. Of course with auto teleportation and all this will be configured. This is not set in stone, however as it is going it is the best option we see so far.

Mordor Texture Pack: When is it going to get done?
Me and Toti have been working long hours on this. Eriol has just configured the 1.13 server so that I can work on the inventory, so you will be able to access all those blocks we make. This is going to take a lot of time and will be my primary focus this week so we can start building. The textures: yes, will be a mix between 16 and 32 until a later date when I can create two versions. I have already laid out what we are aiming for, we are still aiming for the same goals in that order, howver, just behind. This rp will continually be upgraded with the building of Mordor, our goal is to get all base textures done for the building, so that the rest is just visual enhancements and no block changes are needed.

- From now on real-time updates will be coming from the auto rp on 1.13 server
I will be getting a hard copy out soon though so stay tooned for hard copy of BETA!

Build Days and Contests: Well you already built Minas Morgul, what else is left :cry emoji: :p
I am letting you know that Mordor is going to be riddled with Build Days, contests, plots and jobs. I can only speak of my part in Udun, but here is a sneak peak of soon to come events!
- Black Gate Build Day : led by BWOT (Technically the first day of Mordor Building)
- Man Holds of Udun Plotbuild : led by BWOT
- Concept for Armories of Udun Contest : led by BWOT
- Armories of Udun Build Day : led by BWOT
- Fortifications of Carach Angren Contest : led by BWOT
These are just events I am running, and Eriol I am sure will be running a lot of his own, so stay tuned!

Building Mordor: How are we going to do it if its 1.13?
Well, I've been thinking about that too. It is my idea to open the 1.13 server to everyone, and work there on Mordor, until the main is moved over to 1.13 and then we paste Mordor in. However, there is some disagreement on that ... and so, I will be holding a public meeting soon, specifically on this aspect. There we will work out how we are going to overcome this obsticle, whats best for the sever and what steps need to be taken to make it happen. This is seperate from the public meeting happening this weekend!

So now ladies and gentlemen, I officially start the Mordor Project! Here are the threads every project has: Plan, Announcements and Discussion!

Project Announcement Thread
The to update the public of announcements to do with the project.
Link: https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/mordor.5245/

Project Discussion Thread
The thread to discuss in general the project, comment on any updates or any other non-announcement topic.
Link: https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/mordor.5246/

Project Planning Post
The thread is the direct plans to the project.
Link: https://www.mcmiddleearth.com/threads/mordor-the-dark-lands.4811/

Plans for Udun and Morgul Regions will come out shortly!