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Build server moves to 1.8 beta


Eru Iluvatar
Staff member
Currently the build server is running a 1.8 version of Minecraft, some plugins were a real pain to get working so expect bugs/flaws.

+++Minecraft changes+++

- Updated Minecraft server software to 1.8.8

+ Plugin Updates +
- Fixes so it will run on MC1.8, might lack item name support.
- Fixes so it will run on MC1.8
- Updated plugin so Themed Build plots can only generate on the Themed-Build world. This should prevent irrecoverable damage to non-tb worlds when making a mistake.
- Language corrections
- Permission fixes
- Now can manage teleportion from non mv worlds to mv worlds
- Now supports UUIDs.
PermissionsEx: 1.22.6 > 1.23.3
- Revert changes to CachingData to prevent rare cases of records not updating.
- Readded timed groups.
- Fix for ladder-fetching.
- Performance increased for file back-end and bug tweaks.
- Change Guava to more recent version to support MC1.8
- Using UUID convert command should work fine on data that already has UUIDs.
Prism: 2.0.1
- Prism support has been halted by the developer, no changes have been made. Using a costumized prism version which should allow new items to be tracked.
ResourceRegions: 1.1
- No changes have been made.
TheGaffer: 2.3.0
- No changes have been made.
TheHelper: 1.5
- No changes have been made.
Tours: 2.5.4 >
- Fixes issue where Tours wouldn't work properly if your sentence started with a name.
VanishNoPacket: 3.19.1
- No changes have been made.
VoxelSniper: 5.170 >
- Switching to VoxelSniper 7 instead of 5, where support has been dropped. Voxelsniper 7 is a complete rewrite, but still in development. Sticking to 5.x as 7 is terribly broken.
- Added rotation values to lit redstone torches
- Changed cycler tool to use undo sessions rather than changing the world directly.
- Changed PermissionsEx support to use UUIDs wherever possible.
- Fixed imprecise rotations.
- Fixed entitiy rotation floating point issues.
- Fixed button rotation and added support for up/down flipping.
- Fixed armor stands being included through the butcher command by default.
- Fixed performance issues with some commands that use lists of entities.
WorldGuard: 5.9 > 6.1
- UUID support has been added.
- Build protection for regions is now more complete, and WorldGuard will protect against any entity and block changes as if they were players.
- Added exit-via-teleport flag to control exiting an exit=deny region via teleportion.
- Added fall-damage flag
- Added time-lock flag to lock a player's time of day in a region.
- Added weather-lock.

If you encounter problems or issues please post them at http://www.mcmiddleearth.com/forums/suggestions-and-issues-submission-publicly.51/

For the sake of overview, I will update this post from time to time with the biggest culprits.

** Issues / Problems **
  • MyWarp teleportation through constructions button/lever -> signs no longer works. This effectively broke new player world, but this is now fixed. Other places might still have this.
  • Armorstands are not tracked, nor can they be rolled back.


Hardcore MCME-er
Well, I don't want to make a new thread for this issue, so I'll post it here:
I don't have essentials.tp.position any more.


Hardcore MCME-er
Is it possible to disable the water-absorbing capability of sponges? It currently works which means we can't use sponges in or near water.


Hardcore MCME-er
Also iron doors appear to be broken? Jacen and I tried with buttons, a lever, and a pressure plate, but the door would not open.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Also iron doors appear to be broken? Jacen and I tried with buttons, a lever, and a pressure plate, but the door would not open.
Is there any iron doors that should operatable? They wont work cuz I added no physics to them so we can stack them


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
alright ill revert that setting then
OK the revert command (/bf npremove 71) does not seem to work properly, but as fix I can move the texture to one of the new doors.
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