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Builder Pics: A collection of builds


Hardcore MCME-er
Builder pictures

Have cool builds or found something special while roaming around on freebuild?
Post it here! Anyone who has a side project that wants to showcase his builds can upload his/her album or a few screenshots of said build. (press F2 to take a screenshot in minecraft)
As a start-up I'm going to post my minus album with some of my builds I made way back in the day.

Get creative and start sharing!
PS: If you have major projects with a lot of pictures, I suggest you just make an own post/thread and not spam this one here.​


hon. Head Designer
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As I also really do like working with command blocks and redstone stuff which isnt needed on MCME I started this project: A fully functional 75th Hunger Games (Adventure) Map. By now i'm still in the beginnings of the terrain, working on the jungle, actual part is placing all the tall trees (paste in every tree separately with WE), next will come another layer with medium trees and then many many bushes and crops. Once that is done all the intense work on command blocks will start, features that I want to imply: (Most will be toggable in a large control room)

  • As many as possible of the mechanics mentioned in the books, including:
    - 12 different events for every sector:
    attested ones:
    1. Lighting strike into tree (unfortunately actual MC lightings aren't controllable in vanilla MC) I'll use most likely clone a pre built lightning strike of quartz blocks onto the tree, that lightning includes some end portal blocks which are invisible from below and emit strength 15 light
    effect: Damages players severely (may even kill) which are close to the tree
    2. Blood rain using falling red potions or red particles, have to see what lags less
    effect: Blindness (maybe infinite until you touch water)
    3. Poisonous fog using explosion particles
    effect: Damage, maybe also slowness and other effects
    4. Monkey attack most likely using orange armor wearing Zombies
    5. Jabberjays using ghast scream sounds
    effect: weakness, nausea(?)
    6. Beast using a Wither Boss which cannot exit its sector though
    7. Tidal Wave This is the one I really don't know yet how to do that properly
    8. Insects or similar using silver fishes
    effects: Nausea and Damage

    own ideas: (if you got some, i'll gladly take em!)
    9. Something with fire
    10. Muttations (mobs wearing player heads, like a SethBling head wearing Skeleton)
    11. Arrow rain
    12. (?)Anvil upon player

    On game start the events are randomly applied to the sections.

    - Force field around arena
    - invisible dome over arena (in the pic I used glass for practical purposes, will replace with the new barrier block in the end)
    - Throwing cookable food into the force field will return it cooked
    - Elevator from launch room into arena
    - players get blown up if they leave the platform to early
    - One Minecraft day lasts as long as two "rounds" of events in the arena (24 mins, 1 minute per event or 12 mins and 30secs per event, not sure yet)
    - Actual hunger games: scarce food (food in start chests can be toggled on though). Also most likely no thirst will be implemented.

  • Auto mode (random events are toggled automatically and no game moderator is needed)
  • Head Gamemaker mode: One player stays in a control room and control multiple things in the arena (weather, parachutes, muttation attacks...)
  • Toggable districts with special skills for each district (strength for district 1, better swimming for district 4(?) ... (ideas needed)
  • More easily toggable game options:
    - Enable/disable Day/Night cycle
    - Regular <-> Quick start (regular start is walking from spawn to the launch room and then use the elevator to get on the start platform, quick start directly teleports to platform)
    - Countdown length
    - free launch room choice <-> assignated room
    - (?) arena radius (default 310 blocks, faster/easier game with smaller arena (200 block radius?))
    - enable/disable deathmatch as in regular MC hunger games (after a certain time)
    - enable/diable random spread chests as in regular MC hunger games
    - edit spawn chest contents (regular: weapons and tools only) (enable food...)
Some more screens:
75th Hunger Games map - Minus


hon. Head Designer
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When it's finished, are you going to make it a hunger games server, or perhaps make it downloadable @Finrod_Amandil ?

It's so cool, so I want to play on it:p
Thats my big problem, i dont have enough IRL friends to test the map out and I dont want to set up and advertise a permanent big server. As the map is finished, which will be quite some time as im in military atm and still want mainly to build on MCME, ill need some test persons, i guess ill ask for permission to advertise the map on here (as this is against TOS)

if it works well i guess ill make it downloadable


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Made the trees yourself fin?
Some are made completely by myself, for others I used a WE tree schematic collection and edited those trees slightly to match my needs. I also often changed the wood and leave type to add a good variation of all good looking wood and leave types


Hardcore MCME-er
This is an ooooooold singleplayer world that I just recently re-found. I took the dimensions of MCME's 2nd hall and recreated it in singleplayer with more Lore-appropriate Pillars, 3D Murals, and an entrance to Durin's hall seen in the left side of the picture.



Dirt Conaisseur
This is an ooooooold singleplayer world that I just recently re-found. I took the dimensions of MCME's 2nd hall and recreated it in singleplayer with more Lore-appropriate Pillars, 3D Murals, and an entrance to Durin's hall seen in the left side of the picture.

I'd love to see those pillars (at least that idea) implemented in the new moria. I think it looks much better than the film ones and they are also more lore accurate. Just amazing


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DarthRagner that is intense and Finrod I love Minecraft Hunger Games I am a monster at it.:mad: