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Builders Meeting! (April 27th 2019)

MCME Builders Meeting
April 27th (This Saturday), 7:00 PM BST

Since BWOT can't make it I've been given the responsibility, or burden, to take care of it.

Anyone can listen in, but only MCME team members will be allowed to talk.

Main points:
-Dol Amroth
-Other /more specific stuff may be suggested in the Agenda (<--- Click)

Any other questions related to the meeting, please dm me here or on Discord.
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General overview of meeting written by @NicTheFifth

Dol Amroth (lead by @dav3ck)
  • Docks are done, apart from the bell tower in the middle of the bay.
  • Royal sewers are yet to be detailed. (FoolHardyFish’s trial job)
  • Andrew is in progress of checking the sewers.
Osgiliath (lead @ooitsbirdo)
  • 3rd section has begun ruining.
  • The center island (Dome of Stars) has to be decided upon as to the degree of ruining.
  • Plan around Osgiliath will be part of section 2.
  • There's also a contest running! Click!
Anorien (lead @Oberanio)
  • Dol Caranthan has good progress, and has been decreased in size, but increased in density (and quality!).
  • The terrain of the first sections of Anorien is as good as done.
  • Firien woods has been removed and terrain redone (by @Eriol_Eandur).
  • Didi and Palladian started planning their areas.
  • There will be cooperation between Osgiliath and the Anorien section leader close to Osgiliath.
  • The Delta will be lead by @barteldvn.
  • It will have lots of vegetation, however it will probably be postponed up until 1.14.
Mordor (lead @BWOT)
  • Progress (concerning textures) has been rather slow recently.
  • Toti will take over the texturing after finishing DA.
  • Terrain needs a lot of work still, however most progress is on the current Dev server.
  • Currently the design concerning the Black Gate has not been decided upon.
  • Minas Morgul will be pasted in when MCME is updated to 1.13 or 1.14. Remember it's unfinished, we'll still need to add a lot!
  • Emyn Muil will be worked on when Mordor will start.
Moria (lead @Patrick_0901)
  • Progress is higher once more.
  • There are a lot more caves in the west, thus it would be nice if more people with the Voxel badge could assist with them.
  • Planning is being continued.
  • Fellowships path is mostly halted by its large amount of caves in it.
  • Fellowships path is still priority, however after finishing it there will be a transfer to the Royal Court.
  • Chamber of Light is currently on hold.
  • The Great Mines are led by @dav3ck, it should start soon after more cpncepts have been done.
Andrast (lead @jacenpeter)
  • Progress is rather slow.
  • Terrain is mostly done, however detailing is still ongoing.
  • Vegetation still has to start, however there are concepts being made.

MCME Update (lead @Eriol_Eandur)
  • The block changing plugin is still being updated and tested.
  • ETA is a couple of weeks.