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Accepted BWOT


Hardcore MCME-er
I would like to apply for the Artist rank in MineCraft Middle Earth. I arrived onto the server around July 20th 2016. I have participated in one job so far; the job was Thomas'MineSlaves where you had to dig mines for Thijs1801, and I was also able to make a garden in that same town. I have only participated in one job because there have been a shortage of jobs and that was the only one available. I have created an album of numerous screenshots that I have taken with my Personal Server and the MCME server. The Album includes screenshots of the Theme Builds I have participated in "The Prancing Pony" and "Haudh-en-Arwen". The album link "BWOT for Artist".My personal style is Medieval Builds and I particularly enjoy creating gondorian and rohirric builds but I can create quality works in all sectors. My motivation to become an artist is; for one I love the Tolkien books and am also skilled in Minecraft and have tried replicating some minor things from the books in Minecraft but it always takes a long time and I see that with a team it can be achieved on a bigger scale a lot faster, while saying that though I also see that the MCME server is far from finished and I have had already many compliments of my TB's and I think I would be a good contribution to the Artist team. MCME is a great server because it allows all of us LOTR lovers to be able to make a map of one of our favorite fantasy worlds in a way which is comfortable, fun and pretty accurate.

Congratulations! You have found Egg 11. The anagram is FAGLAND.

The clue for Egg 12:
Look over there! It is the bearded man again, yet this time he is stood by a nighttime bird on one of many coastal islands.


Head Guide
Staff member
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Media Team
Thank you for your application!

I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted.

Your builds look very nice and show good skills with quite a lot of things: buildings, trees, terrain and interior.
There is one major issue you should improve. Your wall design of the Prancing Pony is quite uncommon for MCME. Try to make it looks more like builds on the main map. The basic concept are double walls: Use pillars, arches and beams in the first layer and fill in the walls in the second layer with another material. The two materials should be distincly different. Your choice of logs for the pillars and clay for the walls is good, but you placed them in one single layer. It's not looking bad, but it's not the MCME style ;)
Also there are some minor things you could improve:
  • Using cobblestone for the rim of the roof is weird. It's not realistic as it is heavy and not robust.
  • Try to use your whole plot, dont leave an area unused as behind your Prancing Pony
  • Avoid visible stacked grass blocks.
  • The cobblestone floor of the Pony is very uniform.
  • The cobblestone wall around the Pony made of half slabs look weird, try to connect the blocks not only diagonally and also use some stairs and full blocks for a wall.

When you have more screenshots to show, add them to your post above. When you do, please also reply to this thread. Just say "update" and quickly explain what is new. It will bring your application on top of the long application list and will make us notice your update.

Aside from themed builds you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<<.


Hardcore MCME-er
Thank you for your application!.
Update: As there are so many Theme builds to do, I didn't continue with the prancing pony but went straight on to the next one but remembered all your tips. The Causeway Forts (Outside Part) is now done and you can see I tried to follow MCME style in the ruined houses and also tried to incorporate double walls in the top part of the towers and in the wall surrounding the main house. I also used tree designs from the Gondor area of MCME. However the towers look very different, but it is my TB so I didn't want it to look to similar. The build is supposed to resemble the time just before it was over-run so there is a quickly made ditch in front of the tower. The link to the pictures is here http://www.mcmiddleearth.com/media/albums/bwot-for-artist-2.144/. However,I have not yet finished the inside but just wanted to show you the finished outside so you wouldn't think I forgot about your message.

Thanks Eriol for looking at my application :)


hon. Head Designer
Thanks for applying for Artist!

Your latest build is very impressive, but please forgive me that I will not yet delight you with a promotion but instead want to give you a couple of hints on what I'd still change on your Causeway Forts!

  • The main flaw in my eyes is simply the overall shape of the tower. Your towers have a very wide base but only a very small top and it remains thick in the bottom half and gets rapidly thinner in the top half. Now here's a few points why such a shape for a tower is rather unusual:
    - Constructing a tower with varying cross-section is a lot harder than just having one with constant cross section. Compare any medieval tower you find on google images, I bet 99% of them have a constant width with either a square or round cross-section, simply because stacking bricks straight ontop of each other is the easiest way to build a tower.
    - You have a platform on the top of the tower onto which you would probably put archers in case of an attack. A straight tower would result in a lot larger platform thus making it possible to put more units on top or at least give them more space to move around and fight.
    - If you still want to construct a tower with varying cross section that it would be a lot more sensible to make a wide base, then have the width drop quickly at the bottom and have it be quite slender in the upper half. For that compare some of the modern towers, these are either again straight, or as I described here, e.g. check for the shape of the Eiffel tower, the CN tower in Toronto or the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. (There's not only an aesthetic but also a physical reason behind these shapes, if you're interested I can elaborate a bit on that)
The surroundings of the forts are fantastic, really! A lot of good ideas (the ditch, the destroyed field and houses) and also well built!
Still a few small nit-picky things I noticed:
  • Your chimneys may be a bit too fantasy-styled. Theres absolutely no practical use in having such a complicated chimney, so rather keep it simple there.
  • Use of the different shingle textures: Usually one texture per roof is all it needs. However the two blueish texture that are very similar can be combined in random patterns to imitate some damage on the roof / plants that have grown on it. But I would not combine two different shingle textures in one roof in an orderly fashion.
  • Make some house interiors!


Hardcore MCME-er

Here is what I have done since my last update. I have participated in 4 jobs since my last update which were; Beng_Job, Darki4, and Roger which were all with Darki, I also did BelfalasStreams 19 with Eriol. As for the theme build, I took your advice Finrod and decided to incorporate this into my next theme build because firstly I was getting a bit bored with that one and next I thought this next one will show you a common interior which I can make as Grimsdale was a big house. The link to the new album which has pictures from this theme build is here: http://www.mcmiddleearth.com/media/albums/bwot-for-artist-3.154/. I hope this will be enough but if not I will be thrilled to continue working on my theme builds and improving my style.


hon. Head Designer

Thanks a lot for the update!
A very nice build you created there, again the terrain is outstanding, must have been a crazy amount of work, very well done! And the big house also turned out very nice, both on the interior and the exterior! Really the only thing I'd critise here is that the small house simply is too small to make any reasonable and nice looking interior (probably remarked that yourself).

So, yes, you have convinced me that you bring the skills it takes to be an Artist! Congratulations on joining the Purple Legion! Please make sure to read through the Artist Manual which contains most of the information you'll need. If you've got any further questions, don't hesitate to ask another Artist or a staff member.