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Starting Adventurer

    • 27/12/2016
    • My KitBow server 2016-12-28_18.38.53.png Is one of my builds and there is also a training arena for pvp and bows for practise and fun.
    • I have taken part in Build Themes and I have taken part in one job.
    • This is my build theme [ Bag End ] and I went for the old stylish house but small enough for a hobbit.2016-12-28_18.32.02.png 2016-12-28_18.31.52.png 2016-12-28_18.31.37.png 2016-12-28_18.31.30.png 2016-12-28_18.31.20.png
    • The styles I like to build are elven , dwarven and gondorian and I can also make modern and rustic houses.
    • My Motivation for MCME is that is is a home for building and the first server I have found that help and improve other peoples building I am also incredible keen to help with the dwarves underground city and Rivindor.
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hon. Head Designer
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Thank you for your application!

I'd like to give you a few tips for your Themed Build. You can either go back to your build and improve it, or else start a new TB and then try to use some of the things I'm mentioning!

  • You did already decorate the interior a bit so that it does not look all wooden, for example with the logs in the ceiling, that's very good! Now what you should do beside that is making sure that there's plenty of all kinds of furniture around. Currently the two rooms in the center of Bagend are pretty much just empty. In the entrance room you for example could add some hooks where one can hang up his cloak, or maybe a shelf to store gardening tools or similar. In the center room you could put some side tables, or some cupboard to store all sorts of things. Also you can put down some colorful carpets to make it all look less colorful!
  • Connected to the above, think what a Hobbit might want to do in his hobbit hole. In the special case of Bagend you can also read the first few chapters of the Hobbit or the Lord of the Rings to get plenty of information what kind of rooms, and thus what kind of furniture you could add. A kind of room your build is missing for example is some storage rooms!
  • Windows: In most cases it looks better if you use the glass panes instead of the glass blocks. Just look at the window in your room, it most likely is also indented into the wall!
  • Tables: You used full blocks for your tables. We at MCME have much better options to make nice tables though. One is to type /get misc; then you will get all sorts of special blocks, and among it a piston table which looks a lot more like a table! If you're unsure how to use it, don't hesitate to ask one of the online players, there sure is someone who can quickly show you this!
  • Trees: It's very cool that you built your own trees! The one tip I have for you is that you should rather make the main stem only one block and not 2x2 blocks in cross-section; the proportions usually match a lot better. Most of the MCME trees have only a one block thick stem. Look at some of the trees all around the map to get some good ideas!
So, please give another TB a try, or improve your Bagend a bit with those tips! Make sure you make a new post in this thread when you add new pictures so that I'll notice the change!

~ Finrod