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Cannot connect to server


Starting Adventurer
So I'm new here and dont really know the hows and whats yet.
But whenever i try to connect to the server (followed the New Player Guides), i get the error:
"Server access is restricted./n ?40only administrator access allowed./n
Please check back later."

I have tried both with the "Add server" and the "Direct Connect", both says the same.
And the server pings back but says 0-100 players..

Im assuming that the server is just temporarily down for maintenance or something, and I just have to wait.
If I have done something wrong please let me know.


Yea the server seems to be currently down for everyone right now. I dont know the issue with it, but im sure it will be fixed as soon as possible!


Starting Adventurer
Okay Cool. And thank you for your quick as hell answer!
Good to know that i'm not the problem.. xD
And Good Day to you!


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I'm on it.

Seems that somehow the whitelist was switched on. You should be able to join again.
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