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Can't log onto server because it is out of date


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As stated, I need help. I looked at all the guides and other help post related to my issue and I haven't come across anything similar to my situation.

When I try logging on to the build server through the Minecraft client I get a message after a 3-5sec delay "Failed to connect to Server; Outdated server! I'm still on {0}"

I'm not sure what the last phrase means. I assume that A) I need to downgrade my client/game to 1.79(?), or B) I have another issue. Or, does the manager of this server plan on updating to 1.8 anytime soon (if that is the issue)? I haven't downgraded back to 1.79 because I wanted to see if there was a way of getting around having to do that, as my server is 1.8.

P.S. I am a complete Minecraft nub! I don't know anything...or, I know very little about the game. I just saw a vid of Moria in Minecraft and fell in love.


Hardcore MCME-er
You need to downgrade, we won't update to 1.8 until all plugins and bukkit are up to date, which most likely will take a few months


Hardcore MCME-er
Here's how to fix that:
In the minecraft launcher, in the lower left corner, click "New Profile." In the Profile name space, you can put whatever you want. In the box about half way down the window, "Use version," select release 1.7.9. Then click Save Profile. Now, when you want to play on MCME, you can select that profile from the launcher, and if you want to play on your server, you can use the 1.8 profile.

Welcome to MCME!


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Will minecrift interfere with the server at all? Because I really want to walk around middle earth in the rift.