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Hardcore MCME-er
Minecraft Username: CEFKILLA41320

Age: 17 (18 on 10/10)

Date Joined: 18th February 2012 (18/02/12)

Are you regularly logged on Teamspeak?: Yes

Do you talk on Teamspeak?: Yes

What makes a great Ranger according to you?: I think there are many things a ranger must do to be great. I think a Ranger should be a active member who has been around a long time and has a good understanding of the server and of Tolkiens lore. I think that a ranger should be welcoming to new people on the server and always try to offer help where they can. Rangers should always try to get involved with the community, by being on Teamspeak and on the Servers talking to people, and chilling with members of the community. They should also have a good atitute towards the server, the members and all of the staff.

I have always thought that doing tours is very important and that rangers should be activly doing tours every now and then but that does not have to mean "Full 4 hour crazy server tour!!!" it can be just showing some thralls around moria or showing them the way from the shire to rivendell. As someone who has spent 1 year of my 2 and a half years on this server as a Guide/Ranger (mainly from june 2012 to early 2013) I have spent a large amount of time showing people around and helping out people on MCME and enjoyed my time doing it. I know lots about the servers history expecially all that has happened since I joined as I have been on almost every day (not proud of that). I always try to keep my eyes on the forums to stay updated on what is going on, I'm always on teamspeak talking to people about the server amongst other things and I think that keeping yourself informed in the goings on of the server is an important thing for a ranger to do (e.g. knowledge of current jobs and projects).

Overall I think that rangers are very important on this server and since the creation of the rank they have been here to help and assist new players and encourage people to stick around on this server and get people involved in the community through the forums and teamspeak.

I hope people will not judge me on the opinions on the server they think I have or any trouble I may have caused over the last couple years, I'm applying because I have an intrest in being a ranger and thats because I think I have the skills to be one. That is all.

Thanks for reading.

Ps: I will edit things when i see mistakes :) .


Hardcore MCME-er
Thank you for your application

During your application you may be contacted to demonstrate a Trial Server tour where you will be provided with a location (Prior notice will be given to you to prepare for the tour). The tour will be appraised based on your ability to conduct yourself with a group of people, how you articulate the information of the location, your communication skills as well as organisation.

Please note that not everyone will be asked to conduct a trial tour but an application may still be considered.

Each applicant will be evaluated on their merits and their overall character as individual within the Community.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding your application, please do not hesitate to personal message me. Good luck with your application.

Iru (Head of Enforcement/Adminsitration)
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