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Contest Central Dwelling Contest


Hardcore MCME-er
The Great Square of the Central Dwelling of Moria
Judged by:
- BWOT -
Hello all once again! Welcome to the The Great Square of the Central Dwelling Contest. Follow the rules, build with your friends and if you win by having the best build, it will be pasted into the main world and will be the centerpiece to the whole Central Dwelling.

The Great Square of the Central Dwelling is the main market and masterpiece of the Central Dwelling. In it was a great centerpiece which was so magnificent to all who laid eyes on it.

-Follow the guidelines and what is required in the build
-Do not grief others plots
-Teams (if you do choose) require at least one commoner+ member
-Must register your plot by contacting BWOT
-Stick to the style of pillars and given material


To enter the finales you must at least have these things in your plot:
  • Market
  • Centerpiece
  • Carts
  • Roads
  • Small buildings
  • Statues
This contest starts on Feb 25th, and ends on March 4th. Gather your friends! Sign up in this thread and once I give you a plot you can go ahead and build!

To reach the plots, simply type /warp CentralDwellingContest.
Once assigned a plot, you can claim it with /plot claim, and invite your team with /plot invite <player>. For more info on the plots, type /plot help.
(More plots can be added if needed)

Building is now underway! Don't just stand there reading this, go build!

On behalf of the Moria team,
Good luck to everyone!