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Chamber of Light Build Day


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._.•'´¯`'•._.•'` CHAMBER OF LIGHT `'•._.•'´¯`'•._.

Gundulukhud | Felya Calyaina | Calagroth | Belzadan Urud-dalad | Zey-Ronkband

~~~~~~ BUILD DAY ~~~~~~

Project Leaders:

Sunday, October 9th
2pm BST - 7pm BST

(or longer)
The building guides are ingame. Join Teamspeak, a lot of explaining might be necessary!

PS: Who manages to name all the languages I translated "Chamber of Light" to in the right order gets a cookie.
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Was looking forward to this, but for me it is around very late at night and have to be up early the next day.
So I for one won't be there.