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Cancelled Chamber of Light Temple contest & Buildday!


Hardcore MCME-er
Chamber of Light
Temple Contest & Buildday part II
Sunday, December 4th 2016

Ladies and gentlemen, write the date on your calendars and start counting down the days. The contest for the temple in the Chamber of Light has started! The contest winner will be announced on December 4th at the end of the buildday, which also takes place on December 4th.

The Contest
The contest is for the temple in the Chamber of Light. The Temple is dedicated to Aule, the creator of the dwarves.

The temple has to meet the following requirements;
  • 4 Pillars on the orange marked spots to support the roof
  • The temple covers from the bottom to the top
  • Stairs connecting the bottom and top parts
Comment in this thread with your team and its participants and you will be assigned a plot.
/warp colcontest on plotworld to get to the plots.
The contest ends December 3rd and the winner will be announced December 4th.

The Buildday
The buildday takes place on December 4th. It starts at 12:00 pm GMT and ends when the fun stops. hint: never
We will build the marked houses on the south and west side of the Chamber of Light.
At the end of the buildday the winner of the temple contest will be announced and the winning plot will be pasted in.

Don't forget to comment your team and to write the date on your calendars!