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changes in rank/applying for artist


Starting Adventurer
I haven't been on the servers since last summer around July or August and I am little confused. I applied and was accepted as a commoner a while back but now it showing me as just an adventurer, does that rank not exist anymore? Also I thought you needed to be a commoner to apply to be an artist. Can I go ahead and apply for it as an adventurer?
Also I see the Artist application guide but where do I post my application, in the Artist Thread?
Sorry if these questions are answered elsewhere I tried to look and didn't see anything but I definitely could/probably missed something.
Thank you for your time.


Hardcore MCME-er
The ranks Thrall and Commoner were merged into Adventurer on September 1 2014. As an Adventurer you have Commoner permissions. You can apply for Artist as an Adventurer, and for the other ranks too. Post the application in the thread DSE linked.