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Chunky Rendered Images


Hardcore MCME-er
Media Team
Hey fellow guys,
Over the course of the last weeks I have rendered the area around Rauros: from the Argonath to Nindalf. I received the world files from Q220 and used the program Chunky and Photoshop/paint.net for a lot of editing.

You've probably seen most of these in discord or r/minecraft already, but here they are officially.

Here's a poor bonus specially made for you:
The file is too large to insert, so just use the link.

I love doing this and I hope @q220 will give me more world files. I'm especially thrilled for Rivendell, Helm's Deep and maybe huge overview renders of Pelargir.


Hardcore MCME-er
Media Team
After much asking, Q provided me with the Rivendell and Helm's Deep map files. Unfortunately the Rivendell files are corrupted, so I'm still waiting for news on that, but the Helm's Deep chunks were ready and well. I am still in the process of making new renders, but I couldn't wait to share these with you guys.

I also made a couple more renders of the old Argonath chunks, I will begin with those:

(I've posted this render before, but I've edited this one to be less dusty)

The chunks that I got also included a couple of villages, including Grimslade and Freca's Fortress, which I'll show you now.

Now we're getting to the renders that I'm writing this post for:

You might have noticed NPC's sneaking in the renders on one or two occasions. I am experimenting with this, as a matter of fact I am recreating a moment in the entire battle scene of Helm's Deep now. This includes several RSI's as a result of manually pasting hundreds and hundreds of entities in Chunky. Here are two sneak peaks peeks:

(Zoom in to see the Uruk-hai)

Just to make it clear: these have nothing to do with animations or anything with videos. It's only for captured moments. Hopefully this will still have some great results, especially at iconic movie scene locations.
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