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Date Joined: Late 2012 (November?)

Jobs and similar activities that I've participated in on the MCME server: Let’s just say I’ve been around :p tbh I’ve done too much stuff on the main server over the years to keep count, but here are some of the most memorable to me:
  • Gondor Terrain and Trees
  • Minas Tirith Houses
  • Osgiliath Build Team
  • Barbarian Camps
  • Ithilien Terrain and Ruins
  • Pelargir Houses
  • Lothlorien Vegetation
  • Annuminas Houses
  • Linhir Houses
  • Edhellond Houses
  • Moria
Screenshots: Imgur

My interests: After all this time, I still think my favourite building genre on MCME has got to be Gondor. It just offers such a wide variety of architectural styles to draw from, and I’ve never been bored looking into each and every nook and cranny. Just from my time alone, I’ve also learnt tons on how to build just from my time helping around and feedback from all the friendly faces. When I'm building, I have tons of great experiences to draw from. I now genuinely look back and have a chuckle at how I seriously started off not knowing how to build a good tree, path, or even a bush.

Besides building LotR related stuff, I also enjoy building historically accurate cities e.g. London streets, and modelling modern architecture that I’ve come across perhaps on the internet, or just walking around in Sydney City. One of the more unorthodox passions I’ve picked up from MCME and freebuild back in the day, is terraforming by hand. I’d consider the act of creating both appropriate and interesting terrain by hand to be the most pure form of expressionism that Minecraft offers. I had great times on the old freebuild server, so when I heard that it was going to return, I literally cried a little.

In real life, I’ve always had a passion for construction systems (Lego, meccano and the type) and have amassed quite a veritable collection. I’ve loved taking Visual Arts (how fitting) for most of high school, and still enjoy drawing the most random stuff from time to time. Nowadays, most of my weekdays are spent on schoolwork and tuition, but you don’t have to ask me twice for a game of tennis or a match of field hockey. Besides, the daily encounters and thrills of being an Aussie is enough exercise as is <3.

My motivation: Why do you apply for artist? Tell us what MCME means to you, what projects you're keen on helping on...

I shall preface this with a quote from a certain Will_em that I’ve kept at the back of my head for the longest time:

“Building is like an escalator. If you’re just standing, it’s going to take you up slowly but surely. Putting in the additional effort to walk only makes the time to make it up there a little shorter.”
Believe me when I say, I've been standing here for way too long.​

When I joined back in 2012, I was in my first year of high school. There was a lot going on for me irl and well, I guess MCME really helped me cope with it all. The server and the people on it, have always been like a second home and family that I could fall back on, and I can’t express nearly enough gratitude for it all.

When I first joined back in late 2012, I was greeted by a community that was very different from what we have nowadays. I had heard of MCME well before joining, but had been deterred by the infamous whitelist that was still in place back then. One fateful day, I decided that I was done with the rest of the so called “creative” servers and wanted something new to bide my time. So I filled out the questions and ticked the boxes. I have never looked back.

Throughout the years, I have seen this community grow and evolve. But over the years, MCME has become a lot more than just a server to me. I’ve said it time and again, but in MCME, I have found something unique that I have never yet encountered, or have encountered thus. I’ve said it time and again, but I’ve known some of the lads on MCME longer than I’ve known some irl friends. Every time I log in, it feels like I’ve returned to a home of sorts – somewhere that I’m valued and a place where I feel like I belong. That’s what MCME is to me.

Now we’re here in 2017 and I’m in my final year of high school woohoo! I know that there’s a lot of pressure on me to do well and, once again, I have a lot of stuff going on now. But I also feel that where I am in life right now, has been one of the main factors which compelled me to apply for Artist again. I’ve seen the value in having somewhere I can truly be myself, and having a stronger connection to a second family would really benefit me during my senior studies.

From the background, I’ve watched a lot of mates move through the ranks; some have gone slow, some fast, but they have all made the climb up the ladder at a pace they felt comfortable with. I think that now may be my time to start climbing and make my own mark on the server that’s given me more than I could have ever imagined.

So I shall end this off with another quote - one of my all-time favourites. A wise man named wodleth once graced me with these words of wisdom in a drunken stupor: “Mr Commando, where the hell are you? Get your ass in here right this instant!”
mcme modern.png

a sample of my artistic talents
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Yellow Flower Puncher
Added several albums of all categories:
Theme Build: Grond
Theme Build: Angband
Theme Build: Shelob's Lair
Main Server: Ruins in Osgiliath
Main Server: Annuminas Freebuild
Other: Cuboid House
Other: Modern House
Other: Futuristic Armada
Other: Futuristic City
Other: Traditional Architecture
Other: Ba Sing Se
Other: Space Shuttle


Yellow Flower Puncher
Yay rolled out a second one \o/
Theme Build: Siege Towers
Other: Christmas Decorations
Other: Linhir Concept #1
Other: Linhir Concept #2
Other: Gondorian Farmhouse
Other: Neuschwanstein Castle (WIP)
Other: Tuckborough
Contest: Seasonal Hobbit Hole (winning entry)
-Removed complicated album directory
+Edited my building preferences
+Plain and simple is the name of the game (single imgur link)
+Adding a ton of "shaderless pics", as suggested by Will_em :)
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