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Commoners: A Free Nation

Free Commoners...Or Not?

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Dirt Conaisseur
Here It Is...The Moment all Commoners Have been waiting for...

A Free Commoner Nation!

This Is a Poll which will hopefully go all the way to Findrod, Free Commoners.. Or not?
This Is a Revolution, A Movement to Get Commoners the respect they deserve.
The head of this Revolution is- well I can't tell you that...
Our terms are A Forum zone Just for Commoners, and also the ability to vote for new Commoners (duh)



And all commoners!

P.S All who do NOT agree with this Revolution will be dealt with.
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Head Guide
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Head Guide
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Why. Is what I wanna know.

Sorry go say this and I don't mean any offence, but what role does a commoner have. Artist is to work and build on the server, Guide to help and assist people and Foreman to run and maintain regular jobs. They don't get their own part of the forum, so if this idea was to be implemented, the above mentioned would take priority.

Commoner serves only as a reward and a "well done" for adventures who are participating, familiarising and getting involved with the community all be it through Jobs, Theme Builds, Games and generally being nice. That's how you get the rank but in terms of responsabilites, none apart from follow the rules, which everyone has regardless. Why do you need your own forum? What would discuss?

And also
And all commoners!
Don't get people involved with things they might not wanna.

I'm sorry I just really don't think it's needed.

I welcome your comments

Ps I know this is a joke.
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