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Compatibility Pack

Discussion in 'Publicly Accessible (Unlisted node)' started by Will_Slams, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. Will_Slams

    Will_Slams Yellow flower puncher

    Mar 1, 2014
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    Hello MCME!

    I'm in the process of developing an unofficial resource pack for our community, dubbed the "Compatibility Pack." The idea behind it is to take the textures from our resource packs and put them into one pack, rearranging them to fit their vanilla block purpose. The result will be a resource pack that can be used comfortably in Singleplayer survival and on other, non-MCME servers.
    But I am frankly only a mediocre texturer, so I need some help with this. Here's a list of all the stuff that needs a texture, and some stuff we may want to change. This list will be subject to change, as human memory isn't the most reliable thing.

    Blocks that need textures: (can be your own, or found in one of the packs)
    Brewing Stand
    Ender Pedestal
    All rails
    Redstone Block
    Redstone Repeaters and Comparators
    Melon Stems

    Textures that need blocks:
    Shingles (Rivendell or Gondor, and what block to use?)
    Bed (which one of ours do we use?)

    Things you may want changed:
    Changed Stone Pitchfork and Diamond Battleaxe into swords
    Using Marble Block as Chiseled Quartz
    Using Lothlorien Soul Sand texture
    Removed beard on Diamond Armor
    Using Black Wool from the Gondor pack as the Coal Block
    Using Orthanc Basalt as Nether Brick
    My terrible Snowball texture
    My terrible title screen image (it's all blurry and off-center)
    Iron Bars (do we use Eriador, Rohan, or Gondor ones?)

    Any items that have no texture
    Anything I missed up there :p

    This pack is not meant to be used on the MCME servers, and won't be posted anywhere but our own site.

    Here's the download: http://mcmiddleearth.com/resources/compatibility-pack-1-0.15/
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  2. yodog_117

    yodog_117 Yellow flower puncher

    Mar 1, 2014
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    I believe @pheonixsang made a survival server compatible resource pack. I think she has yet to upload it again.