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conorpo | Artist Application


Aspiring Member
Date I Joined the Server: August 2015
Jobs and Themed Builds: Moria East Gate Fig 1, Corrupted Isengard Fig 2, A Couple of Kisos's River Jobs Fig 3, Many Linhir Outskirts Jobs Fig 4 & 5, Keep Contest Fig 6.


Fig 1, Built entirely by me for the Moria East Gate Themed Build

Fig 2, The inside of one of the mines in my Corrupted Isengard Themed Build.

Fig 3, One of the many rivers that I made for Kisos's Jobs.

Fig 4, An overview of Nic's Farm, I helped him with alot of these and fully built 1 in every 10 plots.

Fig 5, another view of Nic's Farm

Fig 6, I made a couple of the buildings in this tiny keep for the Keep Contest.

Interests: My favorite building style is Dwarven, it is extremely symmetric and has so much detail. It is something I have come to really appreciate. I also really enjoy building redstone machines and towers. When I'm not building houses or LOTR things I'm making redstone machines.
Motivation: I would really like to help out alot more in MCME, however the limitations of a non-artist rank keep me from doing so. The progression that MCME has made really appeals to me and the world becomes more and more grand as the time goes by. I want to contribute to this feeling by helping out on some of my favorite projects like Moria and eventually Erebor. Also, I would be happy to see MCME retake its title as biggest fantasy world in minecraft from Westeros Craft.


Head Developer
Staff member
Head Developer
Thank you for your application! I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted.

For your Moria gate you already used a double wall structure with pillars in front and the main wall in the second layer. This is good, but you could try to make some more various structures at the walls. The floors could be improved with some more materials mixed it and you could try to add some details. Could be statues and (for inabitated version) crates and torches or (for decayed version) crubling walls and floors. Your hillsside has a good shape but needs some more materials too. You could mix in some patches of coal blocks, or stained clay. The sharp transition from the hillside to the completely flat terrain at the rest of the plot looks quite unrealistic. Make nice terrain everywhere in your plot.
At the corrupted Isengard you also could use more materials for the walls and the stairs. And again make many details like crates, ropes, machines and maybe a framwork of fences to support the stairs.

When you have new builds add more screenshots to your application aboveYou could place the pictures in spoilers, so we can look at them one by one or use imgur albums. Make a few of every build to show more details. Please also reply to this thread with something like 'update'. This will make us notice your new screenshots.

Aside from themed builds you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<< as you already did. Try to stay very active with jobs. When you finished a task for a Designer, remember to ask the Designer to give points to your application as described >>here<<.