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Canceled Crimson_Dwarf artist application

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Starting Adventurer
I joined MCME on December 31st and quickly started helping out with jobs and became commoner withing 3 days.
.I have helped with lots of ruining in Moria
.I helped decorate tents outside of DA
.I added paths to farms outside of DA and a path inside DA
.I helped build the wall around ironmere as well as farms and hedges. I also finished a house in the town.

Screenshots of all builds.

Darki copied over a small town from Rohan in to FB so I could try to revamp and add to it. I think this is far better than my town in TB.

I took part in the FFA town build. It was my first build on the server and was quite proud of it at first but it needs a lot of work.

I have enjoyed practicing with the styles and decided I enjoy the rohirric style best. Outside of MCME I mainly enjoy building farms and windmills. Which I will screenshot once I find them.

My motivation to apply for artist is mainly just the fact that I love the server and enjoy getting things done. I want to help in the process of making such a huge project.
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Thank you for your application Crimson_Dwarf!

Please add some more screenshots of your Themed-builds here to show all details you built, I found only two so far. Also I prefere if you would organize screenshots a bit better, make separate albums (one for jobs, and one for each Themed-builds). Put a link to each album in your application post above with a short description.

When you add something to your application post above also reply to this thread. Just write quickly what you added (otherwise we might miss your update).


Hardcore MCME-er
This application has been denied due to no update or improvement to what was previously said by one of our designers. Please contact me directly if you feel you want to pursue this again.
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