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In this thread you will find all recommended and yet unassigned Public Projects. If you are interested in leading one of these projects you need to make a thread in the Public Applications forums following >>this template<<.

You can as well make a project application for a project that is not in this thread, in that case make sure none of the following points applies to your project, as these are the most common reasons why a public project will not be accepted.

  • The project has already been completed (exception: revamps)
  • The majority of the project is terrain work that needs a lot of staff help.
  • The project is located in an area far away from the current server progress.
  • The project conflicts with book lore.
  • The location of the project does not exist at the time of the server (3001 Third Age)
If you want to tackle a project that is not listed it is recommended you write a personal message to @Finrod_Amandil, in case the project then does not fulfill the requirements for a Public Project you can save a lot of time making plans ;-)

Furthermore please note the following things when applying for a project:

  • We expect serious project applications, including detailed plans and concepts. Upon that feedback will be given that should be taken into consideration. The Public Project won't start before the Head Designer does not agree with the plans.

  • After posting the project application you may get granted permission to build concepts on plotworld that then can be included into your application and eventually can get copied to the main world if the project is accepted. This permission needs to be granted explicitly, it is not granted by default to all project applicants!
  • Multiple people can apply for the same project. The better concept is then preferred. However it may be better to collaborate!

  • [Updated] The maximum number of public projects running at the same time is 1.

  • Adventurers that work on a Public Project will be promoted to Artist for the Public Project and for the Public Project only. As long as you have not been officially promoted to Artist you are not allowed to alter blocks on the map outside the Public Project area and should notify Designers that offer you Artist tasks that you are only a Public Project Artist. (If you did that you may then accept the task, same as the Designer could make a private job for an Adventurer).
    Infringement of this rule can result in exclusion of the Public Project and/or a staff member taking over the lead.

  • Feedback and critique given by the Supervising Designer and the Head Designer has to be followed. Feedback from other Designers however is optional to take into consideration or not, however it is recommended you do.

  • The Head Designer retains the right to terminate a Public Project, remove helpers from the build team or assign a new leader, this is just the same as for normal projects. Any of said actions will be reasoned and/or discussed in advance.
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Project name: Fennas Drúnin
: Southern tip of the Angle
Suggested amount of workers: 3-4
Voxel/WE required?: Yes
Short summary of said project:
Fennas Drúnin is a non-canonical small town at the southern tip of the Angle (confluence of the Mitheithel and the Bruinen).
MERP wiki article: Fennas Drúnin
Original MERP lore, taken from MERP module #2005 "Arnor", pages 183f:
Fennas Drúnin
The chief town of the Angle sits on the point where the Bruinen flows into the Mitheithel. In the Second Age, the location was contested by Eriadoran lords and Hillmen until a wall and stone keep were finally built by Númenórean adventurers in S.A. 2910. Fennas Drúnin was the most prosperous town in Rhudaur until the wars of the Sister Kingdoms began. The great wooden bridge the Arnorian engineers built over the Mitheithel is long since burned down. The town has changed hands repeatedly over the years, being ruled in turn by Rhudaur, Cardolan, Fëotar, and by independent lords and renegade mercenaries.
It now sits high above the rivers' normal flood stages on a mound built of the rubble from the many times it has been sacked and sieged. The most recent siege, that by King Ermegil Stonearm of Rhudaur in T. A. 1635, did the town less harm then many, and it is now run by a local Council and a Mercenary Guild financed partially by Fëotar and the Canotar of Tharbad and partially by the rather high tolls on the ferries crossing the rivers. Thorlaven, the High Captain of the Guild of Mercenaries, is a corrupt man who'd sell out to Ermegil in a minute if the Rhudauran ruler wasn't both far away and bankrupt. Dallo Point, the leader of the local Stoor Hobbits and owner of the best of the local vineyards, is trying to obtain evidence on Thorlaven and get rid of him before he causes any more trouble.
MERP magazine Other Minds #13 elaborates on population levels of Eriador. Fennas Drúnin stays inhabited throughout the 3rd age, a population of 1500 is mentioned for 2915 T.A.

Estimated time of completion: 2 months
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