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Accepted Daddlio


Hardcore MCME-er
Hello my fellow Tolkien-Fans, dear Designers and Staff and whoever reads that :)

As you may know, or not know, I am Daddlio and I finally applicate for the Artist-rank.

I joined the world of MCME in May 2013. Maybe some of you remember my name from back then.​
After several Jobs, Themed Builds and the awesome Summerevent I thought I would like to applicate for Artist. But then i figured that i could not do justice to the rank in terms of activity.
In Fall 2013 I then started university and nearly forgot about MCME. I haven't been around much in 2014. But early 2015, after recognizing that the server and homepage where set up new, I joined again, but missed the old people. Then, some weeks ago, I had a look again and surprisingly got catched by the MCME-fever once more.

So now here I am. This time I am confident that I will meet my own intentions for the rank.

Some of my main motivations are not to be bound to jobs for helping Middleearth grow.​
Also I think that i could help more than "just" with river- and roaddigging.
I really like to see projects progress and want to help with bigger steps.

My favorite buildingstyles in Middleearth are gondorian and dwarven, and i like complex terraforming, too.​
But i would love to also acquire more skill in other styles.
Out of MCME-Context I mostly try building complexe redstone-circiuts or massive structures like canyon or underwater cities. But from time to time i enjoy to just build a neat farm in survival and pet my cows... ;)

Lately i helped in Jobs like the misty-glaciers, some roads and lots of lamedon-rivers (feel like a pro at mountain-streams by now).​

Link to my Imgur: Imgur
(Note that some of the old TB's were built with outdated resourcepacks and skill.)

I can't wait to be part of the purples. :rolleyes:
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Head Guide
Staff member
Head Guide
Head Developer
Thank you for your application! I would like to give you some tips on what you can do to increase your chances to get accepted.

Feedback about your screenshots: ... will do that tomorrow, to tired to do now ;)

Aside of the themed builds you can improve your chances to get Artist by helping with >>jobs and plotbuilds<< (as you already do :D). When you finished such a task for a Designer, remember to ask the Designer to give points to your application as described >>here<<.


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Okay here my feedback on your builds:

Umbar: You have used a very innovative build style with the sandstone and the white blocks combined, I like that very much. However your build lacks one thing: details. From the few stacks of boxes I see that you kinda know that you are supposed to add details, but it kinda did not work out that well yet. Currently the build looks clean and as if that district was just constructed and noone is living there yet. The details missing are mostly bound to the houses: On the outside you could make the walls look more interesting by giving them more depth; this you can achieve by using stairs and slabs to make more complex and intricate wall designs; check some other Umbar builds for examples. Furthermore can plants make a city much more lively. Check out the build from WalpoleLegoMen, he did a great job on that point.
The also very important would be the interior, there though I guess you just ran out of time.

Cirith Ungol: Especially here but also on some other builds you just think in a bit a too small scale; all your builds look quite small. Be bold and make stuff a bit bigger, then its always a lot easier to detail it.

Sammath Naur: I like the design of this very much; what you need to pay attention to though, is the laws of physics :D That platform would need to be made out of a very sturdy material to not break apart.

As overall feedback take these two points: Go bigger! and add more details (it is not forbidden to look at other builds for ideas, in fact thats how one learns to detail!)


Hardcore MCME-er
Thx for the feedback Fin, i will try to follow your tips!

Few things I want to mention too: :p

I tried to do a sandstony look in Umbar, as in south regions they often use sandstone. But sandtone buildings often look kinda flat.
So yeah, I know the wall has no depth, and i know how to do that but didnt want to in my Umbar interpretation.
And yeah... sadly i ran out of time. But would have forgott about the details on the road anyway. :p

For the platforms in Sammath Naur you are probably right :D , they have "some" support though. I will add a screenshot of a view from beneath.

Its true, most builds turn out too small, i realize that too. Maybe im too shy when planning out with wool. Will try to change that.