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Daddlios RL-Screenshots


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I might not have that much knowledge about photography but am quite passionate about the beauty of our world.
(And got an DSLR to capture it :D)

Just wanted to share some of my photos with you. Hope you like it. :)





(Obviously i like sunsets... you will see more of them :p)

More to come soon. :)
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Small selection of photos I took on my china-trip! :) (funfact: did about 1400 in total in this one week :eek: and still 400 that i kept...)


the long corridor in bejings summer palace - its about 700 meters long and every beam is painted individually




it is said that this tree has magic healing powers


watcherlions: female with lionbaby, male with globe - the lion is the oldest son of the great dragon (kind of a divinity in asia)



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China eh?

Been there, done that, TWICE. Got the kids to prove it.

Great pictures though, I took about a thousand or so each trip, but nothing as artsy as yours... Ill get some up when I get home from work. You might recognize some of the locations if you were in Beijing long.
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china is great! :)
I've been in Bejing mostly, one day at the great wall + ming-tombs and the arrival- and department-days in shanghai.
Ya lemme see yours! :D


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So i thought to myself, why not continue on this thing a bit.

So here's to you. More RL-Screenshots of your favorite Hobby-photographer.

I told you i like Sunsets, but apparently those are Sunrise :D

So much for now! Hope next post wont take as long ... (i mean it was like over 1,5 years) :p

Edit: Oh ye and BTW those are all shot in the Allgäu where i grew up. (It's a region of South Germany)
pic 1+2: Mt. Grünten; pic 3: Mt. Ifen; pic 4: Mt. Aggenstein