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Canceled DaddyYogiBears App

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Starting Adventurer
Date I joined : Early January 2018

Jobs and Plot builds : As Of this being posted I have done 2 theme builds and One plot build that I am still Working on now. As of building experience I have done payed work for
2 servers by doing custom Spawns and PvP areas, I will link a video of one of my builds as well. YouTube

My Styles : They are always based on a race or place from middle earth such as a elvish whine cellar or Dwarvin Mines.

Motivation: when doing single player builds I feel I will get nothing out of it in the end so I like to show others my builds as well as see other players creations.

(p.s ) I was introduced to middle earth a few years ago in the 4th grade and read every book including the Silmarillion And that same year i got into Minecraft 1.8.

(p.i.s.s) That's spells piss hehe

For Any questions hmu On discord Yogi#0220



Hardcore MCME-er
Hi DaddyYogiBear,

Thank you for showing interest and applying for the Artist rank.
Reading your application I cannot find a list of jobs you participated in. If you haven't done any yet then make sure to ask a foreman for one, and if you have then please list them.
A lot of the pictures you included are built using the default Minecraft resource pack rather than the mcme ones. So please include more picture of builds using those.

Now let me give you some feedback on that theme build:
To start off with I'd suggest to use and fill the entire plot, the build is now rather small and doesn't give us much to evaluate your skills. The terrain work, although a minor thing for Artists and more for Designers, is pretty poor. You just made a hill with 1 block increments from bottom to top, which isn't very realistic. Also, this is the only terrain work on the entire plot. For tips regarding terrain, you can ask @Eriol_Eandur, @barteldvn or me for help.​
The trees you made are, I have to be honest here, are just a no-go. We NEVER use vanilla trees, because they just look awful.​
For feedback on the building, I will have to come online.​
Overall I want to see some more (and bigger) builds from you. Then the only thing that rests me is wishing you good luck with this application.

Not open for further replies.