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Aspiring Member
Minecraft Username : daktubalan
Date Joined : 13 July 2013 (Before the forums were rebooted)
Themed Build participated in: Barad Nimras
Link to screenshots of your Themed Build: What is your prefered building style? Eriador, Gondorian, Rohan, Elvish, Arnorian


hon. Head Designer
Staff member
Thank you for your application! It has now been checked and here follow some tips on what you can improve on to increase your chances on a promotion to Artist.

Even though interests in terrain work are not that relevant for an Artist app I do value it very highly as there definitely should be as many people as possible that do not only care about the buildings! Your single pic of Barad Nimras does not show off too much of your skills, but it does indicate that you do have a good feeling on how to design interesting looking buildings. I did remark that you grew quite active on Ardacraft since you applied and as I did also check out the server quite detailed with Fornad your work most likely does fit the expectations of an Artist. Being active in both projects would be absolutely no problem, but as Artist we expect some very well notable activity on MCME both to get promoted and to keep the rank. So if you're still interested on getting Artist, stay active on here ;-)

Also please note that the criterions and the way artist apps are handled in the future are about to change. Further information will be published soon on the forums.

~ Finrod_Amandil, Head Designer.